Kameleo v2 – the countdown starts

Dear Kameleo Community,

We are glad to announce that Kameleo v2 is coming live next week. Our whole team was working hard to create this completely new version of our stealth browser platform. Here we would like to answer a couple of frequently asked questions.

When will be Kameleo v2 available?

We are launching the new version with a brand new website next week. The exact date will be announced a couple of days prior. Please note that our website will go dark for 12-36 hours before the Kameleo v2 website will be available so our team can do the migration. During this time the current version (v1.9.7) will work without any glitches.

Will my current subscription work with the new version?

Yes, if you buy a new subscription now or you have an active subscription, it will be migrated and you will be able to use Kameleo v2 until the end of your current subscription.

Will the current version work after the release of Kameleo v2?

Yes, Kameleo v1.9.7 will work for at least 6 months after the release of Kameleo v2. If we see that it is still used by plenty of users we will keep it alive for a longer time. Subscriptions purchased for Kameleo v2 will grant access for Kameleo v1.9.7 as well. Please note that we will only provide limited support for this version.

What about the pricing of Kameleo v2?

We will have the same pricing model for Kameleo v2, as for the current version (v1.9.7). However, some new packages will be available with automation features as well.

Stay updated for the exact release date.

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Kameleo Team

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