Bypassing anti-bot protections: Introducing Junglefox

Prepare to meet Kameleo’s latest rockstar, Junglefox – the next-gen anti-detect browser here to add a splash of excitement to your Firefox adventures! Explore a new dimension in anti-detect browsing as this article unveils the unique features of Junglefox, including seamless integration with Google services, natural behavior, and advanced spoofing techniques. 

Whether you’re a Firefox fan or interested in cross-platform browsing, learn how Junglefox can enhance your online experience. Say farewell to account bans and embrace a more secure and personalized approach to browsing with Junglefox.

A new era in stealth: Junglefox takes privacy to the next level

Kameleo, known for its innovative anti-detect browser applications, introduces Junglefox, the latest addition to its arsenal. Junglefox is not just a browser; it’s a powerful ally for Firefox enthusiasts, offering capabilities that rival the efficiency of its predecessor, Chroma. Key features include:

  • Efficiency on steroids for Google services:
    • Junglefox is optimized to seamlessly integrate with Google services like Gmail, providing a browsing experience that surpasses efficiency expectations and ensures smoother interactions.
  • Superior spoofing:
    • Junglefox exhibits more natural behavior, coupled with superior spoofing techniques that outsmart bot detection systems, including the formidable Cloudflare. This translates to increased security and reliability for users.
  • Enhanced experience across platforms:
    • Whether using the Windows app or the command line interface + automation, Junglefox offers a seamless and consistent browsing experience, catering to users’ preferences across different platforms.
  • Empowering seamless automation:
    • Designed with cutting-edge technology, Junglefox offers a comprehensive suite of automation capabilities that streamline complex tasks, making it more compatible than ever with Kameleo, including the Local API interface for automation users! Its intuitive interface and user-friendly design make it accessible even for those with limited programming experience, enabling organizations to implement automation seamlessly.

With heightened efficiency, natural behavior, and superior spoofing capabilities, Junglefox redefines the Firefox browsing experience. Say goodbye to account bans, embrace smoother Google services integration, and explore an overall enhanced browsing experience. The power is in your hands—experience the next-generation Junglefox today and redefine your online journey.

Discover the world of Kameleo

Picture this: Kameleo comes with not one, but two browser engines – Chroma and Junglefox. Both browsers are based on popular browsers, but our team natively modified them to support undetectable browser fingerprint spoofing.

Browser name

Based on




Chrome, Edge, Safari and Mobile profiles



Firefox profiles

Benefits of having two different built-in browsers

  1. Optimal matching: Each Base Profile finds its perfect match in a browser native to its origins.
  2. Enhanced : Experimenting with both browser families ensures optimal compatibility with target websites, maximizing success rates, especially in affiliate marketing where determining the most effective browser for different websites is crucial.
  3. Tailored convenience: Choose the browser that suits you best – whether it’s the familiarity of Firefox profiles or the versatility of Chroma.

Experience the sophistication of Kameleo, where precision meets performance in the realm of undetectable browsing.

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