About Kameleo

Do you find it difficult to browse the Internet anonymously?

Internet browsing can be tracked by almost anyone. Browser fingerprinting is the most common technique by which you become uniquely identified and tracked while you are surfing the web. Information such as browser configurations, operating system, and other parameters like WebGL capabilities, your video card details, and your device’s time zone act as your unique identifiers. Your device can be identified among billions of devices worldwide from these parameters.

Your browser fingerprint reveals a lot about you

Changing your IP address by connecting to the web through a VPN is not enough to prevent browser fingerprinting. Websites will still recognize you and connect all your online activities based on your browser fingerprint.

You may have heard about privacy tools like browser extensions and tracking blockers, but they fall short. The more effort you make to avoid being tracked (e.g., using plugins for privacy protection), the more likely you will have a suspicious browser fingerprint.

It is like wearing a ski mask at a party. Your face is hidden, but you are still the odd one out in the crowd with your ski mask. Everything you do will be suspicious. The same goes for your presence online, and websites will block your accounts or limit access to their functions.

Your browser is your identity. Protect it with Kameleo.

Kameleo is a super simple but powerful tool that enables you to create, save, and load multiple profiles easily while eliminating any chances of exposing your real browser fingerprint by changing it naturally. Once you install Kameleo, your fingerprint will be perceived differently by websites. Create as many browser configurations as you want, with Kameleo you have 100% privacy.

See Kameleo in action

Watch how easy it is to manage virtual browser profiles with Kameleo.


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Why choose Kameleo?

Kameleo provides a way to protect the user by defeating JavaScript fingerprinting technologies, including HTTP Client-Hints, Navigator, Screen, Time zone, Geolocation API, and a lot more. Our app allows you to prevent websites from obtaining your actual IP address, protect yourself against WebRTC leaks, modify WebGL fingerprints, and even CSS-based font detection.

Kameleo lets you manage all your browser profiles in one place. Each profile includes all the settings and data, like cookies, passwords, browser extensions, history, etc. It also makes it possible for team members to manage accounts across multiple browsers collectively. Save time and money with browser profile transfer and access sharing.

Canvas fingerprinting is an attack vector used by ad networks to track users across the web, even if they have installed ad blockers. It does this by taking advantage of HTML5 canvas, which is a feature that allows websites to draw dynamic images on the fly.

Kameleo lets you surf the web using a variety of proxy providers. All SOCKS5, HTTP, and SSH proxies are fully supported, even on your mobile phone.

Kameleo lets you browse with mobile profiles on a physical Android device or Virtual Machine. This is necessary because you cannot have the typical touch events and gestures in a desktop environment that we natively support on Kameleo Mobile.

Our platform isn’t just making browser automation easy but also alters your browser fingerprint automatically, resulting in the elimination of bot detection during website scraping.

Use virtual profiles and prevent account banning

This product will change the way you work online

Have you ever wanted to spy on a competitor’s PPC campaign setup? Have you ever wanted to be in different places at the same time? Now this is all possible! Kameleo is the most powerful profile management and affiliate marketing tool that enables you to easily create and manage multiple profiles at one time.

After you build your glorious website, testing it with different languages, geolocations and timezones is a huge challenge. It can be a very time-consuming task. With Kameleo, though, you can easily say goodbye to those problems. You can even automate the test execution via Kameleo Local API.

Web scraping has been arguably the hottest topic in data analytics in the past years. It is a way to collect a ton of information from the web. Unfortunately, most websites will stop you automatically if you try to do that. Basic web scraping technologies won’t work as effectively as Kameleo allows. Thanks to our browser fingerprint alteration technology and our Selenium Stealth WebDriver, you can scrape the web with no limitations.

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