About Kameleo

What is browser fingerprinting

Browser fingerprinting is a technique by which you become uniquely identified and tracked while you are surfing the web. Information such as browser configurations, operating system and other parameters listed below act as your unique identifiers:

Your device can be identified among billions of devices worldwide from these parameters. Changing your IP address by connecting to web through a VPN is not enough to prevent browser fingerprinting. Websites will still be able to recognize you and may impose limitations on your activities such as online account creation. Websites can connect all your online activities based on your browser fingerprint.

You may have heard about privacy tools like browser extensions and tracking blockers, but they fall short. In fact, the more effort you make to avoid being tracked (e.g. using plugins for privacy protection), the more likely you will strengthen your browser fingerprint. These attempts will only aid websites to single you out by acting as additional identifiers.

It is like wearing a ski mask at a party. Your face is hidden, but you are still the odd one out in the crowd with your ski mask. Everything you do will be suspicious. The same goes for your presence online, websites will block your accounts or limit access to their functions.

Did you know that websites can detect you even if you browse in incognito mode?

Regardless of how hard you try to reach 100% privacy, websites will always be able to identify you by linking each of your online sessions together. This means you have no privacy when it comes to using multiple accounts on a site.
Kameleo offers a solution to all the problems mentioned above by providing you with the tools you need to protect your privacy. Thus, allowing you to surf the web and manage multiple profiles with perfect anonymity.

Stop browser fingerprinting

Kameleo eliminates any chances of exposing your real browser fingerprint by changing it. Once you install Kameleo your fingerprint will be perceived differently by websites. Create as many browser configurations as you want, with Kameleo you have 100% privacy.

Compared to other privacy plugins, websites will not be able to detect that you are using Kameleo. Using a privacy plugin is as good as wearing a ski mask at a party where you are still the odd one out. Kameleo is different. In this example, using Kameleo is like wearing someone else’s face. You won’t be spotted in the crowd and your identity cannot be determined.

Kameleo is miles ahead of popular fingerprinting technologies with perfect performance record:

One of the best browser fingerprinting tool

Our team of senior developers with experience of 10+ years in IT security have been developing Kameleo since 2017. We are constantly up to date with the latest changes in browser fingerprinting technologies and are improving our software day by day. This among other reasons makes Kameleo superior to other tools.

Kameleo easily integrates into your everyday environment. You can use it on your Windows desktop with our custom compiled browsers.

You can also use your mobile device to have Android and iOS profiles.
Kameleo is far less suspicious to advanced websites, as the browser fingerprint stays consistent. Thanks to the ordinary looking yet spoofed browser fingerprint you will rarely have to face Google reCAPTCHAs (your configuration can affect it)

You may have heard about other tools and ways on how to achieve privacy. Here is some information on why they don’t work with 100% efficiency, and why using Kameleo is a better solution.


One of the ways is using a VPN service that can change your IP address. This is true, but it doesn’t fully solve the above problem. Your IP is changed even when you switch between networks (home WiFi, public WiFis) but your broader fingerprint remains unique. IP is a just a small part of your fingerprint thefore changing it does not mean you cannot be traced. So when you register with an email provider using two different IPs, websites can still link the two email addresses back to you.

IP address quality is another point to consider. IPs provided by VPN networks are listed in databases immediately signaling websites that something is fishy. If Netflix can detect that you are using a VPN so can the other websites.

Browser extensions that blocks fingerprinting

These plugins don’t do the work. They are created by script kiddies who lack experience, and they are not updated often. Also, they don’t focus on the broader browser fingerprint, but just on a part of it. You won’t be able to conceal all identifiers that make up your fingerprint, and blocking only one will just put you into a smaller group of users who are attempting the same thing. This and your other digital fingerprints make you unique, so websites will still block you.

Using these technologies will promptly limit your possibilities as advanced websites will realize that you are trying to spoof your data.

Whonix, TOR, Qubes OS, Tails OS

These are technologies that help you stay hidden on the internet. Most of them are different operating systems. They work pretty well for journalists and lawyers when they want to research on the web, and be anonymous. These are very special use-cases. They choose to operate over the TOR network with browsers that have no JavaScript support. They provide good anonymity but in terms of user experience you will back to the ’90s.

Using these tools will often make you subject to Google Captchas and other troublesome challenges. It will slow down your work and trigger other problems. For example, the fact that you are using the TOR network will be visible. With this information advanced websites like Facebook, eBay, Amazon won’t grant you access to your account.

Who should use it?

The short answer is everyone. People are making an effort to preserve their privacy every day: using curtains, wearing swimsuits at the pool, keeping the social security number secure, etc. Just like in the offline world, in the online world, you should have the tools to protect your privacy. Kameleo can provide them.

Marketing Agencies

New marketing techniques are established every day. One of the latest hypes is social media marketing. It is often required that one person needs multiple accounts on one site for social media marketing. The new generation of websites are using machine learning algorithms and other technologies to prevent users from registering multiple accounts. With Kameleo you can operate with as many accounts as you want.

Automated clicks and navigation in the browser are also possible with Kameleo. This means you can save precious time with Kameleo. You can automate repetitive tasks by attaching to Selenium Stealth WebDriver. Read more about it in our article in our article in our knowledge base.

Web App Developers

After you build your glorious website you should test it from every aspect. For example, if your website is multilingual then this is the time to test it with different language setups. Easiest way to manage all this is with Kameleo. You can even automate the Tests automation via Selenium Stealth WebDriver.

Web Scraping

Web scraping is popular nowadays, it is a way to collect important information from the web. Unfortunately, websites will stop you from collecting data automatically. Basic web scraping technologies won’t work as effectively as Kameleo. Thanks to our browser fingerprint alteration technology and the Selenium Stealth WebDriver you can scrape the web without any limitations.

Getting started with Kameleo

Kameleo is a desktop application that you can download from our website. Once you install it successfully, you will need an active subscription that can be purchased here. You can start using our platform instantly by logging in with the email and password you provided during the checkout process. That’s all, now you are able to launch your favorite browser and Kameleo will makes sure that not a single trace of your real browser fingerprint is visible!

Base Profiles

Our browser fingerprint spoofing technology is unique. We are generating browser configurations called Base Profiles. Currently, we have more than 1 million Base Profiles in our system. All of them were harvested with great care and were tested against browser fingerprinting techniques initiated by advanced websites. They contain consistent configuration so they won’t seem suspicious to Artificial Intelligence software that is often used by the websites. The number of Base Profiles is growing every day.

You can filter the base profiles by the following parameters:

  • Device Type (Desktop or Mobile)
  • System Language
  • Operating system
  • Browser product

You can also fine-tune your profile if needed, so you can have an infinite number of configurations.

Profiles – saving & loading

After you have finished work with your profile you can save it as a .kameleo file. A saved profile contains:

  • Profile settings (all the parameters)
  • Notes added to your profile
  • Cookies & Local Storage Data that were generated during browsing
  • Browser Extensions
  • Browsing history

This is a very convenient way of managing multiple accounts. Just create a profile for each of them. Once you load the .kameleo file you will be logged back into the websites and can continue from where you left off. Sharing the .kameleo file with your team is also possible.

Proxy connections

Kameleo supports browsing with proxies. There is a built-in proxy management tool in Kameleo. With that, you can simply connect to any type of proxy.

Import & Export Cookies

We have a built-in tool that you can use to import cookies to your profiles or export them from the profiles. This way you can integrate Kameleo into other environments. More info in our knowledgebase.

Automate tasks in the browser

Using Selenium Stealth WebDriver you can perform activities in the browser initiated by Kameleo. Click here for more info about Automation.

Browse with Mobile Profiles

Our unique technology allows you to create a Mobile Device browser fingerprint configuration. You can browse the web with your mobile device or Android VM while being connected to SOCKS proxy and changing your browser fingerprint at the same time. Click here for more info about Kameleo Mobile.