About Kameleo

Using a proxy is not enough

If you need to use multiple browser profiles on the same device, it is not enough just to set up a proxy for each browser. The proxy will change only the IP address, but not the other parts of the browser fingerprint. Websites can collect information about the visitor’s device. User-agent reveals information about the browser. Different javascript technologies will help the website to identify the visitor’s operating system, graphical card details, real location, etc. Kameleo provides a solution to change all parts of the browser fingerprint.

You need a consistent browser fingerprint

There are several browser fingerprint-changing tools available on the market. If you want to avoid getting banned or blocked when you visit a site with advanced protection, you need to spoof your digital footprint very carefully. At Kameleo, we have a dedicated team of researchers who study anti-bot systems and constantly refine our spoofing mechanism so that you can stay up-to-date.

Keep virtual browser profiles separated

The browsers started by Kameleo are all in a separate sandbox environment. This not just means, that a website will see them as they are coming from 2 different devices but Kameleo stores the browsing data for each of your profiles. Cookies, logins, and history are all stored in the profile. These files can be shared with your co-workers. You can always continue your work from where you stopped.

See Kameleo in action

Watch how easy it is to manage virtual browser profiles with Kameleo.


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Why choose Kameleo?

We are using real-life configurations to ensure that the modified browser fingerprint is consistent and you will stay under the radar. Kameleo provides a way to protect you, by defeating JavaScript fingerprinting technologies, including HTTP Client-Hints, Navigator, Screen, Time zone, Geolocation API, and a lot more. Our app allows you to prevent websites from obtaining your actual IP address, protect yourself against WebRTC leaks, modify WebGL fingerprints, and even CSS-based font detection.

We ship Kameleo with 2 different custom-built desktop browsers, so you can perfectly emulate either Chromium-based or Firefox profiles. These custom-built browsers are essential to provide native spoofing for a natural-looking browser fingerprint.

Kameleo lets you manage all your browser profiles in one place. Each profile includes all the settings and data, like cookies, passwords, browser extensions, history, etc. It also makes it possible for team members to manage accounts across multiple browsers collectively. Save time and money with browser profile transfer and access sharing.

There is no limit to the number of profiles you can create, run, and save with Kameleo.

Lately, canvas fingerprinting is one of the hottest technology. A website with machine learning algorithms can determine whether a canvas image was drawn by a real graphical card or if it was modified by adding some noise. We have developed a solution called Intelligent Canvas Spoofing, which will alter your canvas image hash in a non-unique way.

Kameleo lets you surf the web using a variety of proxy providers. All SOCKS5, HTTP(S), and SSH proxies are fully supported, even on your mobile phone.

Kameleo lets you browse with mobile profiles on a physical Android device. This is suggested because you cannot have the typical touch events and gestures in a desktop environment that we natively support on Kameleo Mobile. Alternatively, you can emulate iOS and Android profiles on our desktop browsers as well.

All the actions in Kameleo can be automated. Our platform isn’t just making browser automation easy but also alters your browser fingerprint automatically, resulting in the elimination of bot detection during website scraping.

Use virtual profiles and prevent account banning

This product will change the way you work online

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Protect your online store’s accounts from getting suspended or banned. Maintain a successful online business and save time by automating tasks.

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Change your browser profiles, just like a chameleon changes its color