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Avoid browser fingerprinting and use virtual profiles while browsing
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Gain total control of your digital footprint using Kameleo.

Tired of targeted ads and lack of privacy when browsing?

Browser fingerprinting is a technique how you become uniquely identified and tracked while you are just surfing the web. Your browser configuration and Operating System makes you unique.


With Kameleo you can beat the popular browser fingerprinting techniques and have 100% privacy on the internet.

Want to stay undetected with multiple online identities?

Use Kameleo to stay under the radar on every website you visit. Use unlimited number of profiles on the same machine seamlessly. If you are working in the internet marketing field you can easily improve your efficiency.

Change canvas fingerprint

Most programs just change the way how the canvas is drawn. This way machine learning algorithms can detect that it is a fake canvas. This is what you can see on the first picture.


Kameleo has an Intelligent Canvas Spoofing Mechanism that will trick even the machine learning algorithms so it will look natural and you won’t be blocked. This is what you can see on the second picture.

Download Kameleo to stay away from prying eyes

Defeat all JavaScript fingerprinting technologies

Geolocation spoofing

Intelligent Canvas Spoofing Engine ®

WebGL Spoofing

10 second profile switching

Run multiple profiles at the same time

Store profiles offline without Cloud

Store notes and attachments in profiles

Built-in proxy manager & Proxifier compatibility

VPS and RDP compatible

Friendly support & Regular updates

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