Protect your identity with Kameleo

Change your IP address and browser fingerprint for every browser you open for perfect anonymity.

Manage multiple accounts on the same website

Easy profile management. Sharing the saved browser profiles with your team is simple with Kameleo.

We support Android and iOS profiles
Mobile profiles

Changing the fingerprint of your mobile device and proxy connection is now easier than ever.

Create bots using Selenium, Puppeteer or Playwright frameworks

Create hundreds of profiles automatically and stay safe with our Selenium Stealth WebDriver.

Experience Kameleo in 2 minutes

See how thousands of customers increase their productivity by replacing multiple devices with virtual browser profiles


Profile Management

Replace using multiple devices with virtual browser profiles

With our market-leading solution, you can alter the browser fingerprint for each browser you run on your computer. The websites that you visit will assume that these browsers are open from different devices and locations which you can set up using Kameleo. Once you are done with your work, you can save these profiles into files and share them with your team.

Currently Kameleo supports Chrome, Chromium, Firefox, and the latest version of Microsoft Edge with more browsers options to come.

Use virtual profiles and prevent account banning
Use real mobile device with our Android and iOS profiles

iOS and Android Profiles

Install Kameleo Mobile on your Android device and alter its browser fingerprint within 2 clicks

Kameleo Mobile app allows you to create countless Android and iOS profiles which you can operate from your Android device. You can configure them as per your preferences and browse the web with 100% privacy. Websites consider access from mobile devices to be more trustworthy thus Kameleo Mobile users are less likely to be subject to CAPTCHA and security checks.


Web Browser Automation

Automating repetitive tasks with our Stealth Browsing Platform

Start hundreds of virtual browser profiles with a few lines of code using Kameleo Local API. Manage them with your favorite automation frameworks, including Selenium, Puppeteer, or Playwright. Our Stealth Browsing Platform keeps you undetected, so websites won’t be able to see that you are using any tools.

Create bots using Selenium, Puppeteer or Playwright frameworks
Kameleo for Affiliate Marketing
Kameleo for Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Diversify risks by running ad campaigns through multiple ad accounts.
Kameleo for SEO Ad Verification
Kameleo for SEO Ad Verification


Diversify online retail risks by establishing multiple isolated merchant accounts on major e-commerce platforms.
Kameleo for Web Scraping
Kameleo for Web Scraping

Web Scraping

Replace your device lab or VMs with less resource-intensive virtual browser profiles. Fast development with all browser fingerprint management tools ready to use with Selenium support.
Kameleo for Social Media Marketing
Kameleo for Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Manage multiple social media profiles simultaneously. Share your work with your team members.
Kameleo for Ad Verification
Kameleo for Ad Verification

Ad Verification

Verify ad targeting and placement by emulating viewers with different devices and different geo-locations. Remove misleading creatives and broken links.
Kameleo for Retail Price Comparsion
Kameleo for Retail Price Comparsion

Retail Price Comparison

Retailers price their products algorithmically based on visitor’s location, device, and browsing history. See prices through the eyes of all the visitors without being blocked or deceived.
Kameleo for Ad Spying
Kameleo for Ad Spying

Ad Spying

Reverse-engineer original ad campaign targeting by analyzing which ads are served to which social media profiles.
Kameleo for Self-testing
Kameleo for Self-testing


Run Selenium tests in LIVE environment to see how your website performs with all traffic analytics and filtering system setups. See how content is served based on visitor specifics.

Use Cases

Our stealth browsing platform enables you to perform more efficient work in social media marketing and other online activities

Browser Fingerprint Protection

Canvas Spoofing

WebGL Noise

Automatic Timezone

Change Geolocation

WebRTC Support

Change Fonts and Plugins

Audio Fingerprint Spoofing

Unlimited Browser Profiles Available

Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge Support

Android and iOS Support

Cookie Editor Tool

HTTP, SOCKS, and SSH Proxy Connections

I have been using your software for about 3 months now and I am very happy with it. It is not available in Russian but its easy to understand and much better than any other undetect browser I used in the past.

Lana S.
Votkinsk, Russia

It's way faster and more reliable than virtual machines. My sneaker botting business is going to improve, I'm sure of it.

Yuli M.
Sofia, Bulgaria

I am a software engineer and I use Kameleo with Selenium & Python when have to scrape data from protected websites. It is my go-to tool for the job.

Roldan R.
Cabuyao, Philippines

We started using Kameleo a few months ago for browser automation and I'm glad we did. The tool is easy to use and it's Local API integrates perfectly with our other tools.

Wojciech N.
Wroclaw, Poland

Kameleo rocks! Reasonable price and good support. I will recommend it to my friends.

Anjing Z.
Shenzhen, China

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