• Enter the world of IPRoyal, a leading provider of premium proxy services tailored to meet the diverse needs of modern internet users. Let's delve into the key features that make IPRoyal the go-to choice for gathering crucial online data. Diverse Proxy Types for Every Need IPRoyal offers a comprehensive array of proxy types, including: Residential Datacenter Mobile ISP This versatile lineup provides more than enough versatility for a wide range of purposes and requirements. Whether

  • ChatGPT can be an extremely useful tool for several things and web scraping is no exception. It can uncover data and increases your ability to optimize your scraping business processes. Unlocking this potential of web scraping has never been easier with ChatGPT. In this article, we explore the transformative capabilities of ChatGPT and how it can revolutionize your approach to web scraping. Why Choose ChatGPT for Web Scraping? As the buzz around ChatGPT continues

  • Getting past the tight security measures of web scraping isn't easy—it takes skill and precision. One effective trick is to slowly warm up virtual browser profiles, making them look more like real users and less like automated bots. Drawing from the lessons learned from our clients, we've developed a careful and tested method for doing just that. This ensures that your web scraping efforts are reliable and effective. So, whether you're scraping

  • As with all things affiliate marketing, the life expectancy of your accounts is going to depend on the type of offer you’re running, which vertical it’s in, and whether it violates TikTok’s Advertising policy. For grey and black hat offers, advertising on TikTok is largely going to involve a “churn and burn” strategy - creating lots of accounts and with only 1-2 days worth of spend on any account. Although we expect

  • Prepare to meet Kameleo's latest rockstar, Junglefox – the next-gen anti-detect browser here to add a splash of excitement to your Firefox adventures! Explore a new dimension in anti-detect browsing as this article unveils the unique features of Junglefox, including seamless integration with Google services, natural behavior, and advanced spoofing techniques.  Whether you're a Firefox fan or interested in cross-platform browsing, learn how Junglefox can enhance your online experience. Say farewell to account

  • We saw in the previous article how we could start to follow and interact automatically with other Instagram users who may be interested in our Instagram page. This automation is possible because the Selenium framework is coupled with Kameleo, so Instagram is not flagging the browser. After you run the script that was showcased in Part 2, you should wait a couple of days. We expect that during this period the accounts we

  • As we saw in the previous article, we now have a list of users, including their name and their Instagram profile URL. For this 2nd step, we will use this list to interact with them, in order to encourage them to subscribe to our Instagram page. This is the most delicate operation of this method because it is the likelihood of flagging or even banning our accounts high. We will come back to

  • During the summer an intern joined us at our HQ. His task was to build an Instagram bot with Kameleo + Selenium to see how easy it is to get started with Kameleo. He could explore the features of Kameleo and build the following bot within 2 weeks. Introduction to Instagram automation Instagram is one of the most important social networks in terms of users, but also in terms of influence. Automating Instagram tasks

  • As of July 28th 911.re announced their termination. Now many customers are angry and confused about how to move on. Here you will find some quick/practical advice. In this post we will cover: What happened to 911.re? What practical alternatives currently exist? What happened to 911.re? On July 28th, 911.re customer woke up to a rude awakening. The proxy provider that they had used and relied on for years was forced to shut down abruptly.

  • Do you want to do secure browsing on an Android phone? The good news? You can do it. The bad news? You have to say goodbye to your Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or whatever browser you are using. But it is possible. Why Browsers like Chrome Don't Allow You to Do Secure Browsing on Android Phones Chrome isn't the most secure browser out there. Most people already know that. Every year there's some major bug or issue