Anti-Detect Browser Platform

Browser automation is an ever-changing complex area. However, Kameleo provides a viable solution. Our anti-detect browser platform not only makes virtual browser profile management easy but also alters your browser fingerprint, making scraping results more accurate. This eliminates blocking items during scraping such as reCAPTCHAs and anti-bot measures.

Kameleo Local API

Once you start Kameleo on your PC, a local API will be available which you can use to automate all your tasks in Kameleo. You can simply call the REST API from your code (C#, NodeJS, Java, Python, Javascript, etc.) and perform various activities on the graphical interface, such as creating, starting, and saving a profile.

Use Your Favorite Framework

Once you start a virtual browser profile in Kameleo, you can control it with your favorite automation frameworks, including Selenium, Puppeteer, or Playwright. Our anti-detect browsing platform keeps you undetected, so websites won’t be able to see that you are using any automation tools.

Create bots using Selenium, Puppeteer or Playwright frameworks

NuGet & NodeJS & Python Package

To enhance the integration process and allow you to start working on Kameleo as soon as possible, our developer team created NuGet, NPM, and Python packages to operate with Kameleo Local API. These libraries make the profile starting easy in less than 10 lines of code.

Developer Documentation

Get started using the Kameleo platform in a few easy steps. Find out how our team has designed it to be flexible and easy to use. Check out our best practices and recommendations to explore Kameleo to its fullest.

See how it works

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Check our detailed pricing page for feature lists.

Check our detailed pricing page for feature lists.