Kameleo Mobile

Android Device Support

Change the browser fingerprint on any Android mobile device. Android 4.4+ is supported without rooting.

Proxy Connections

Use any HTTP(S) or SOCKS5 proxy provider to change the IP address of your mobile device.

iOS and Android Profiles

Use unlimited iOS and Android browser configurations, to change your device's identity.

Manage Virtual Profiles

Saving and loading browser data (cookies, history, logins) is handled by Kameleo Mobile, so you can continue working on your profile at any time.

VM and Physical Device Support

Use any Android device, or use an Android VM. See our recommendations.

Full Browser Fingerprint Changing

We support all the browser fingerprint techniques we have on Desktop profiles. Even Canvas and WebGL alteration is possible on your mobile device.

Kameleo Mobile for Android

How to change browser fingerprint on your Android device?

Using Kameleo on your PC and Android device, you are free to use thousands of Android and iOS real-world mobile profiles. You can configure them based on your preference and browse the web with perfect anonymity. Websites show more trust in mobile browsers, so Kameleo Mobile users face less CAPTCHA and security checks.

Use real mobile device with our Android and iOS profiles

Need to use proxy on Android without rooting?

Our Android app doesn’t require rooting privileges, you just need to install it and configure the SOCKS5, HTTP(S), or SSH proxy by connecting to Kameleo on your PC. You can use any proxy provider, even if they are only supposed to work on Windows! Fantastic, right?

How can I use Kameleo Mobile?

To get access to Kameleo Mobile features you have to purchase the Advanced or the Automation plan. These plans include mobile profiles. Please note that it is necessary to use Kameleo Mobile with Kameleo Desktop

See how it works

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