Kameleo Mobile (BETA)

Control your digital footprint on mobile devices and defeat all popular browser fingerprinting technologies

How to change browser fingerprint on your Android device?

By using Kameleo on your PC and the Kameleo Mobile app on your Android device, you are free to use thousands of Android and iOS real world mobiles profiles. You can configure them as you wish and browse the web with 100% privacy. Websites show more trust in mobile browsers, so Kameleo Mobile users face less CAPTCHA and security checks on websites.

Need to use proxy on Android without rooting?

Our Android app doesn’t need root privileges, so you just have to install it, connect to Kameleo on your PC and configure the SOCKS/HTTP/SSH proxy there. You can use any proxy provider, even if they suppose to only work on Windows! Fantastic, right?

Canvas and WebGL spoofing on Android devices?

We got you covered. All of our spoofing techniques works on Kameleo Mobile, so you don’t have to worry about leaking WebRTC or Geolocation spoofing.

How can I use Kameleo Mobile without a physical device?

Do not worry, during the development we carefully tested our apps to make sure they are compatible with Android-x86 Virtual Machines, so you don’t need to use a physical device if you don’t want to.

How can I buy Kameleo Mobile?

To get access to Kameleo Mobile features you have to buy a subscription which includes mobile profiles. You have the option to choose which type of profiles you want during the checkout.

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