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Provide a fluent user experience to build the privacy on web you deserve.

For us it is important that you find all the necessary information so you will understand the need of our service

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You can start using our services without any obstacles. Automated checkout, installation, and first steps

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As technology improves extremely fast, some tech companies became huge and they are setting up the internet a place where you are absolutely losing your privacy.

Our IT security experts are fighting hard against browser fingerprinting and we try to build a medium-sized team that can ensure your safety and privacy for the future.

For this, we have been working together successfully with our clients and in the future, we would also like to hear your voice.

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Q1 2017
First prototype
First version of Kameleo with profile management and browser fingerprint spoofing
Q1 2018
Multiple profiles
Thanks to the built-in proxy manager, multiple browser profiles can work with different fingerprint environment
Q2 2019
Intelligent Canvas Spoofing
First prototype of our unique method where we support canvas spoofing with a 99.xx% uniqueness
Q3 2019
Mobile Profiles
Supporting browser fingerprint spoofing on Mobile Devices
Q1 2021
Controlling Kameleo with a Local REST API enables full automation
Q1 2022
Puppeteer & Playwright Support
Controlling browsers with Puppeteer and Playwright is a feature that is only available in Kameleo
Q2 2022
Intelligent Canvas Spoofing 2.0
Canvas and WebGL spoofing must be handled with care and we are ready to implement a new unique solution.
Q2 2022
Cross platform support
Running Kameleo on a MAC, or running your automation code on Linux Servers is a great feature that we are already working on.
Q3 2022
Mobile automation
Controlling the browser from your code is the future