Previous version (v1.9.7)

At the beginning of 2021, we deployed Kameleo v2. That is a complete redesign of our platform. The first version was improving for 4 years, we were improving the spoofing mechanism, introduced multi-accounting and mobile profiles. To provide the best experience for our community and to support full browser automation we had to rewrite Kameleo, as a result of this process Kameleo v2 was born. The stealth browser platform you can find on this website.

We believe that Kameleo v2 is better than the previous version (v1.9.7). It is not just faster, safer, but it supports whole browser automation processes. All the features that were available in Kameleo v1 can be found in Kameleo v2. But if you still want to use the previous version we provide an opportunity.

You can download the previous versions from this page. If you had an active subscription for v1 they are still alive (and you can also use Kameleo v2 with them). We plan to provide support for Kameleo v1 until April 2021. And you will be able to use it until August 2021. If you purchase a Basic plan for Kameleo v2, you can ask the support team to provide access for v1 as well. If you would like to use the mobile profiles of Kameleo v1, please purchase Advanced plan.

We would like to encourage you to change to Kameleo v2.