Kameleo v2 is available – important notices

We are super excited to announce that the new version (Kameleo v2) is available. You can download it and it is ready to use. As we migrated to the new version plenty of things changed, so here we provide all the necessary information.

Update to Kameleo v2

This is not an automatic update as you will be still able to use the previous version (v1.9.7). To get the latest version please download it from our website. Mobile profile users will also need to download the new mobile app.

Old profiles on Kameleo v2

Unfortunately .kameleo profiles created with Kameleo v1.9.7 are not compatible with the new version because of technical reasons. Due to the technical improvements we made in v2, older releases got obsolete. Our focus is making Kameleo v2 even better every day however we can guarantee that Kameleo v1.9.7 will be available until 1st September 2021. If we still see a high demand for the old version by the end of the support period we might extend it’s maintenance time. Our team highly recommends everyone to upgarde to this new version. Please note that we have limited support for this specific case, but if you need help on how to “migrate” profiles to Kameleo v2 we can help with the built-in Cookie Import & Export tool.

Same features

In Kameleo v2 we tried to support every feature that was available in v1.9.7 but there can be minor changes, like the Intelligent Canvas Spoofing is not available yet in Kameleo v2. Please note that the current browser fingerprint setup provides a better success rate than the previous ones and we will keep improving it. A future update will enable Intelligent Canvas Spoofing soon.

New features, new pricing

As we have plenty of new features like automation opportunities, external browser connections we had to change our pricing structure a bit. As a result of this, we have EUR prices instead of USD but we are not adding up extra transaction fees for special payment options like we previously did. See our pricing page for the up-to-date changes.

Use your Email address instead of your Username

Starting today in Kameleo v1.9.7 authentication is only working with your email address (not your username). If you don’t remember your email address contact our support team.

New website

During the migration, we created a brand new website where we migrated everybody who had an active subscription in the last 6 months. You can log in on the My Account page. Please note that you will have to use your email address instead of the username.

Ability to change plan

Now you can easily switch between subscriptions. So you can upgrade your plan if you need more features. Find opportunities on the My Account page.

New payment methods

Now it is possible to pay with Coingate. They have a very easy interface for cryptocurrency payments. We also support Wire Transfers for orders above 1000 EUR. And we still have several local payment methods: WebMoney, Alipay, UPI, Trustly. Soon we will add support for credit card payments as well.

Discounts for teams

If you purchase more subscriptions you will be able to login to Kameleo on more computers at the same time with the same email address. If you need more than 3 accounts, you can contact support for discounts.

Terminating the affiliate system

Starting from 1st March 2021 our affiliate partner program is no longer available.


Our support agents are ready to answer your question on our support center. We are going to release new tutorials as well.

Kameleo Team

Our team consists of IT security experts, professional developers, and privacy enthusiasts who always searching better ways for browser fingerprint protection and developing innovative tools for browser automation and web scraping.