Kameleo v1.9.4 – Faster browsing & better compatibility

It’s been 2 months since we haven’t updated our great browser fingerprint spoofing tool but today here is the newest release that enables faster browsing and compatibility on more websites. Please note that our team is already working hard on the Browser Automation and API features but in the meanwhile, we are still making Kameleo’s current version better.

In the last months, our developers were focused on issues that were reported by our community. As a result, you will have a faster browsing experience by about 30%. And the spoofed fingerprint is even more consistent than before, so it smoothens the work on most of the websites like Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, eBay, Amazon. Most of the changes were on the Canvas and WebGL spoofing, but please check the changelog below.

Please note that in specific cases some websites may block you from the interaction. In this case, try to experiment with the settings. In the case of Gmail login, the experiences show that the best if you use the latest Chrome profiles with good residential proxies, disabled Canvas (2D API) spoofing and disabled Selenium Driver.

Kameleo’s best setup for Gmail login

Features in Kameleo v1.9.4

  • Faster browsing experience: We have rewritten the spoofing mechanism, so the pages will load ~30% faster. Hurray!
  • Random canvas font: We provide a random canvas font by default when this is needed for a better 2D fingerprinting.

Fixes in Kameleo v1.9.4

  • Smaller profile files: Saving Firefox profiles could result in a big .kameleo file before. Now they are small and compact so they are ready to be shared with your team.
  • Fix date fields on websites: One member of our community reported that he has issues with selecting date and time on various forms. Now this issue is gone.
  • Several fixed in WebGL: Some of the Firefox profiles contained an inconsistent spoofed WebGL data. We have fixed all of them.
  • Fixed WebGL vendor: On some profiles, the reported vendor was not accurate. Now it is.
  • No more possible IP leak on Kameleo Mobile: In a specific case when using the Kameleo Mobile app with plenty of tabs it could result in an IP leak. This cannot happen anymore.
  • Fix on Yahoo: Some features of Yahoo Webmail was not working properly. We have fixed it.
  • UI fixes: In the Kameleo Desktop App we did some overhaul on the user interface.
  • Spoofing Engine issue reporting: Providing enhanced error codes in the case of stopped Spoofing Engine. This enables us to provide better help if needed.
  • TrueSocks proxies are supported: If connecting to a proxy provider only the username was necessary it was not working. Now it is fixed, so Kameleo is compatible with TrueSocks as well.
  • Disabled Firefox auto-update: Firefox won’t bother you to update itself anymore. We will take care of this for you.

How to update

When you start Kameleo it will offer to update your software. Download and install it and you can enjoy the new features of Kameleo. If it doesn’t start to download try to update manually, by launching updater.exe from the program folder.

Future plans

We are still working on making Kameleo better. Here are a couple of the features we are currently implementing:

  • Cookie saving for mobile profiles
  • Browser automation (let us know if you have any suggestions for it). Read about our plan in the knowledge base.

Check out our Support Center for some great tips and knowledge to be successful in your industry. Subscribe to our YouTube channel & Kameleo Telegram channel for browser fingerprint advice and behind-the-scenes looks!

Kameleo Team
Kameleo Team

Our team consists of IT security experts, professional developers, and privacy enthusiasts who always searching better ways for browser fingerprint protection and developing innovative tools for browser automation and web scraping.