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Kameleo v1.8 – Mobile profiles, cookie export

We were working on a big update lately and finally we can announce the new Mobile Profiles. Kameleo v1.8 is the biggest innovation in browser fingerprint history. We introduced Android and iOS Mobile profiles that you can use for browsing with your mobile device. Plus we added Cookie Import & Export.

Mobile Profiles

Kameleo could already change the browser fingerprint of your desktop browser. The need of introducing mobile profiles was big since websites show more trust in mobile browsers . You can find a couple of tools that can emulate a mobile browser in a desktop environment but none of them will be so effective like Kameleo.

Kameleo lets you browse with mobile profiles on a real Android device or on an Android Virtual Machine (VM). This is necessary because in a desktop environment you cannot have the typical touch events and gestures that we have on Kameleo Mobile Browser, so fingerprint detection algorithms will detect other tools.

This solution also lets you to simply connect the web thru a Socks5 proxy with your Android mobile device. Good news is NO root access is required for Kameleo Mobile Browser.

Read more about Kameleo Mobile Profiles it in our knowledgebase.

Cookie Import & Export

Importing and exporting cookies from Kameleo is available now. This was a most wanted feature so the members of our community are able to:

  • Transfer cookies from other systems to Kameleo
  • Get the cookies from Kameleo and use it in other systems

Once you selected the required cookies of your profile you can simply click export. Depending on your selection the cookies will be exported to your clipboard or into a file. The cookies exported by Kameleo will have a json format that is compatible with all the popular cookie tools. For example: Edit This Cookie add-on.

Read more about cookie import and export in our knowledgebase.

Features of Kameleo v1.8

  • Mobile Profiles: Solution to change the browser fingerprint of a mobile device.
  • Cookie import & export: Transfer cookies from other systems to Kameleo. Get the cookies from Kameleo and use it in other systems.

How to update

When you start Kameleo it will offer to update your software. Download and install it and you can enjoy the new features of Kameleo. If it doesn’t start to download try to update manually, by launching updater.exe from the program folder.

Future plans

We are still working on making Kameleo better. Here are a couple of the features we are implementing.

  • Browser automation (let us know if you have any suggestions for it). Read about our plan in knowledgebase.

Keep updated on our knowledgebase and youtube and Telegram channel as well, since we will upload new articles and videos there.

Kameleo Team
Kameleo Team

Our team consists of IT security experts, professional developers, and privacy enthusiasts who always searching better ways for browser fingerprint protection and developing innovative tools for browser automation and web scraping.