Kameleo v1.8.1 – HTTP Proxy Authentication, Fixes

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Kameleo v1.8.1 – HTTP Proxy Authentication, Fixes

Lately we release the Kameleo Mobile profiles which was very successful. Plenty members of our community subscribed and gave us positive feedback. They even used it in ways that we never thought about. For example Android VM connecting to a Windows VM on a Mac. Good news that we could help in each case. We created an article to our knowledgebase to cover all the issues. We will also create a video about it.

While we were supporting the mobile profiles we made a bunch of bug fixes and enhancements on Kameleo so it doesn’t crash or cause any inconvenience. We believe this was mandatory to create solid bases to help us increase the size of our community before we develop the browser automation features.

One of the most important enhancement is that HTTP proxies are supported with authentication.

Lately it was only possible to use authentication required proxies in the case of SOCKS5 and SSH. Now HTTP proxies support authentication again.

Fixes in Kameleo v1.8.1

  • HTTP Proxy Authorization: It is possible to use HTTP proxies that also require authentication. This enables the integration with plenty of HTTP proxy providers like geosurf, luminati, netnuts, fastproxyz, etc.
  • Firefox closing: No more weird behavior when starting multiple firefox profiles and closing them in a short timeframe.
  • Removed Chrome is controlled by automatic test software: This was an issue that appeared in the latest version of Kameleo. It didn’t really affect anything. The websites never saw this, but it is also removed to make sure it doesn’t disturb you.
  • Profile saving before launch: Now you can save your profile even before the browser was ever launched.
  • Turn off Intelligent canvas spoofing: We guess that everybody is using the intelligent canvas spoofing since this is the best way to change canvas, but we noticed that in some cases it was not possible to turn it off. Now it is possible.
  • Clean profile saving: Kameleo is saving the profiles offline to a .kameleo file. In some rare cases the profile file got broken that could cause problems but his process has been recreated and your profiles are safe now.
  • Beat more google services: As Google is one of the strongest company that is not respecting privacy it is difficult to beat their services. For example, using Kameleo on Google Ads or browsing YouTube with Kameleo could cause some weird behavior in some cases. We checked all these issues and Kameleo now works perfectly. Even for creating Gmail Accounts.
  • Working with multiple profiles: It is difficult to manage multiple online profiles but Kameleo can solve this. Now there are no more crashes when you are opening plenty of profiles.
  • Cookie export: When you visited some websites like Amazon there could be a problem while exporting cookies. Now it is fixed and you can happily use export the data outside from Kameleo. See more details in our knowledgebase.
  • Better performance: We also made a couple of enhancements and fixes for faster browsing and more smooth operation.

How to update

When you start Kameleo it will offer to update your software. Download and install it and you can enjoy the new features of Kameleo. If it doesn’t start to download try to update manually, by launching updater.exe from the program folder.

Future plans

We are still working on making Kameleo better. Here are a couple of the features we are implementing.

  • Cookie saving for mobile profiles
  • Browser automation (let us know if you have any suggestions for it). Read about our plan in knowledgebase.

Keep updated on our knowledgebase and youtube and Telegram channel as well, since we will upload new articles and videos there.

Kameleo Team
Kameleo Team

Our team consists of IT security experts, professional developers, and privacy enthusiasts who always searching better ways for browser fingerprint protection and developing innovative tools for browser automation and web scraping.