Introducing Kameleo 3.2

🚀 Effortless Profile Creation

Create new profiles in just 2 clicks – faster than ever before!

🔍 Enhanced Navigation

Explore a cleaner interface with easy-to-navigate tabs, streamlining the way manage your settings.

📋 Immediate Configuration Overview

See and manage profile settings instantly with our new overview panel.

🏷️Better tag management to stay organized

We’ve updated the way you can add tags. Now it’s a joy to stay organized. 


⚠️ Breaking news

For GUI users: following our latest UI update, all default settings have been reset. Please reconfigure your custom default settings for new profiles as needed.

For Automation users: a breaking API change will come with this new release. Here’s a guide in our Knowledgebase we prepared for this update.

Kameleo Team

Our team consists of IT security experts, professional developers, and privacy enthusiasts who always searching better ways for browser fingerprint protection and developing innovative tools for browser automation and web scraping.