Failed to start Proxy Server issue

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Failed to start Proxy Server issue

For detailed help, please visit this article in our knowledge base!

Note that the latest Windows Defender update is conflicting with Kameleo’s spoofing mechanism We are examining the issue. In the meanwhile, please disable the antivirus and reinstall Kameleo if you see the following error message:

Failed to start Proxy Server, file not found! Please check your antivirus software’s log!

Whitelist Kameleo on Windows 10:

  1. Open Windows Defender Security Center
  2. Click Virus & threat protection
  3. Click Virus & threat protection settings
  4. Scroll down to Exclusions
  5. Click the Add or remove exclusions
  6. Click the Add an exclusion button to display a drop-down list
  7. Select Folder
  8. Continue with the on-screen directions to add the new folder exclusion. Add a folder exclusion for Kameleo’s program folder: C:\Program Files x86\Kameleo Team\Kameleo
Kameleo Team
Kameleo Team

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