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What is browser fingerprinting

Browser fingerprinting is a technique how you become uniquely identified and tracked while you are just surfing the web. Your browser configuration and operating system makes you unique:

  • Browser and it’s version you use: Chrome 59.0, Firefox 56.0.1
  • Computer’s screen parameters (resolution, pixel depth, etc.)
  • System language and timezone setup
  • Installed plugins and add-ons
  • Available fonts on your computer
  • User agent, JavaScript Navigator
  • Etc.

Indeed there are billions of IT devices world wide your device can be identified by these settings. It means you vainly change your IP address, connect the web thru VPN or use different E-mail address for your private life, websites can still track you. They can connect all your online activities.

You may heard about privacy tools like browser extensions and tracking blockers, but unfortunately they don’t work. The truth is that the more measures you take to avoid being tracked (e.g. using plugins for privacy protection), the more unique your browser fingerprint becomes. The fact that you are using these tools already makes you unique.

Did you know that websites even know whether you browse in incognito mode?

Doesn’t matter how you want to reach 100% privacy, websites will be able to connect each of your online sessions together. It means you have no privacy.

The solution is using Kameleo.


Kameleo – Stop browser fingerprinting

Kameleo can offer you everything you need to solve the above problem. You can surf the web anonymously.

Kameleo prevents the leaking of your real browser fingerprint. If you install Kameleo the websites will see your fingerprint differently. You can change it anytime, Kameleo helps you to reach 100% privacy.

The websites won’t know the fact that you are using Kameleo unlike when you are using different privacy plugins.

  • Using a plugin is like wearing a balaclava in a big crowd. This way you can be spotted easily.
  • Using Kameleo is different, it’s like having a perfectly lifelike mask. You won’t be spotted in the crowed but your personality cannot be recognized.

Kameleo beats the popular fingerprinting technologies with perfect success:

  • Best agains Canvas fingerprinting technology
  • Defeating JavaScript fingerprint techologies
  • WebRTC spoofing
  • Blocking plugin leakage
  • Faking fonts
  • Forging user agent
  • Helps you with proxies (read about it later)
  • Advanced JS overrides for superusers

Kameleo – Better than any other privacy tool

You may heard about other different tools and ways how to have privacy. Here are some information why they don’t work with 100% privacy, and why using Kameleo is better than anything else.


You may heard that using a VPN service can change your IP. It is true, but it doesn’t solve the above problem. When you are using different networks (home wifi, public wifis) your IP is also changed, but the fingerprint remains unique. It is like a thumb fingerprint. Just because one little part is missing it is still unique. In our case the IP is the missing part, just because you changed it you can still be traced. So when you register to an email provider with two different IPs they can still connect the two email addresses to you.

Plugins that blocks fingerprinting:

You won’t be able to block all kind of fingerprints, but just blocking one fingerprint puts you into a small group of users who are trying to prevent fingerprinting. This fact and other digital fingerprints of yours makes you unique.

Also these blocking technologies often involves the disabling of JavaScript in your browser. This way modern websites won’t work properly, you will loose a lot of user experience.

Whonix, TOR, Qubes OS, Tails OS:

These are technologies that helps you hide on the internet. Most of theme are different operation systems. They work pretty well for journalists, lawyers when they want to research on the web, and still become anonymous. These are very special use-cases. They choose to operate over the TOR network with browsers that has no JavaScript support. They got a pretty good anonymity with a user experience like they live in the 90’s.

Using these tools will often cause you to face Google Captchas and other annoying stuffs like that. It will make you work so slow.

Kameleo is modern:

Kameleo is integrating into your ordinary environment. It means you can use it your Windows desktop with the browsers you already got used to:

  • Chromium based Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Firefox that looks like Safari

You just simply start Kameleo software that will stop your browser leaking your real digital fingerprint. If you prefer you can still connect the internet using the TOR network while using Kameleo.

Kameleo is barely suspicious for modern websites, so you won’t have to face Google Captchas often (your configuration can effect it).

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Kameleo – Who should use it

Short answer is: everybody. People are taking efforts to have privacy in the everydays:

  • Using curtains
  • Wearing swimsuits at the pool
  • Keeping the Social Security Number secretly
  • Don’t tell secrets to strangers
  • Etc.

As in in the offline World, in the online World also you should have the privacy of your needs. Kameleo can provide it.

As you could see Kameleo would be useful for everybody. There are still some certain groups of people for whom Kameleo is a must have.

Web App Developers:

After you build your glory website you should test it in every aspects. For example if your website is multilingual this is the time to test it with different language setups. It is the easiest to manage it with Kameleo. Test automation feature is also coming soon.

High privacy activities and investigation:

If you think you need extra privacy for your activities, like the ones who are using Whonix, Qubes or Tails it is time to start using Kameleo with its modern environment (Windows 10 + Chromium / Firefox). TOR network can still be applied to your configuration.

Marketing agencies:

Marketing techniques are forming every day. One of the new hypes is the social media marketing. It is required often that one person needs multiple accounts on one site. The new generation of websites are using machine learning and other technologies to prevent people register with multiple accounts. With Kameleo you can operate with as many accounts as you want. You can read more about how you can organize profiles later.

Automated clicks and navigation in the browser will be available soon. It means you can save precious time with Kameleo. It will perform repeating tasks automatically.

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Getting started with Kameleo

Kameleo is a desktop application that you can download from our website. Once you installed it successfully, you will need an active subscription which can be bought here. Approximately 10-15 minutes after your payment you can start using our application by logging in with same username as password as you used during the checkout process. That’s all, now you are able to launch your favorite browser and Kameleo makes sure that you won’t leak your real fingerprint!

Create a profile

After logging in you will see the Dashboard window where you can choose between several functions of Kameleo. On the dashboard window click the “New profile” button.

Base profile searching

First of all, to create a new profile you have to choose a “Base Profile” which will serve as an ancestor. In the following steps you can fine-tune your profile with various settings. To find a perfect Base Profile you can use the following fields to search:

  • System Language
  • Operating system
  • Browser product
  • Browser version

We recommend you to choose a language you speak, so the websites will appear in your language.

If you have a favorite browser you already got used to, select that (Opera and Safari will appear like Firefox)

If you always pick the same settings here, your browser fingerprint won’t be unique yet, so no worry. (The reason is simple, there are millions of users with the same configuration based on just these 4 parameters)

You can leave blank any of these four settings, Kameleo will generate it for you.

Pick a Base profile

You will see a list of some Base Profiles. Pick any of them you like.

Base profiles are sets of configurations that effect the browser fingerprint. We offer an incredibly big amount of profiles as Base profiles. All of them were tested against modern website’s browser fingerprinting techniques.

Profile fine tuning

After you selected the Base profile you will face other configuration opportunities. Most of them is included with the Base profile, so it was tested against machine learning mechanisms, but feel free to change them if it is required.

Proxy Settings could be set also here. This way you can connect the web thru a socks proxy.

Profiles – saving, loading

After you have configured your profile you can save it as a .kameleo file. A saved profile contains:

  • Profile settings (all the parameters)
  • Notes and Attachments you added to your profile
  • Cookies & Local Storage Data that were generated during browsing
  • Browsing history

This is a very convenient way of managing multiple accounts. Simply create a profile for each of them. Add your notes to the profile, so it will always be on hand when you need them.


After you have the required settings you can start the browser from Kameleo to have 100% privacy. Simply click Launch browser. The selected browser will be started by Kameleo.

When you finish browsing just close the browser. Once the browser is fully closed, Kameleo will offer you to save your session, so all the cookies and browsing history can be saved to the profile. Note: if you are force-closing Kameleo it is not guaranteed that your profile will be saved properly.

Quick anonimity

This feature will start a browser automatically. In the Application Settings you can pick a default language, so the sites won’t appear in a language you don’t understand.


Kameleo – Best practises

Here we would like to present you some of the best use cases how Kameleo can be used.

Simply for anonymity

If you just don’t want to expose your real browser fingerprint, you should start Kameleo with “Quick profile” button. Every time you want a new fingerprint:

  • Close the browser
  • Don’t save the profile
  • Create new “Quick profile”

This way websites won’t be able to trace you, and you will have 100% privacy during browsing the internet.

Dissociate your activities

An often required use-case is when you don’t want any possibility that your different activities could be linked together. In this case you can have different profiles for your different activities.

A profile for your work related activities and one for your personal activities. They will be separated totally.

It will be very easy to use it, since the profile saves the cookies, so authentication on websites will be performed automatically.

Operate multiple accounts on the same website

Some websites makes it hard to switch between multiple accounts. Using Kameleo you can create a new profile for each of your accounts where all of the account’s data and browsing history is stored. This makes switching between the profiles very easy and seamless.

Looking for some extra security

Using the built-in proxy manager you can connect to any SOCKS proxy provider you like, so you can access restricted contents even behind corporate firewalls.


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