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What is Kameleo? Why should I use it?

Browser fingerprinting is a technique of how you become uniquely identified and tracked while you are just surfing the web. Your browser configuration and Operating System makes you unique.


With Kameleo you can beat all kinds of browser fingerprint technologies and have 100% privacy on the internet. By using our product you can easily operate with multiple accounts on a site at the same time.


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How long will it take to set up my account?

After selecting the required subscription on our pricing page and paying with the selected payment method we will activate your account automatically.


We use different payment gateway services to provide different payment possibilities. All of them work fast and secure. Once we get the confirmation from the gateway about your payment we activate your account. In the case of cryptocurrency payments, it can take a while because the payment gateway is waiting for the blockchain confirmation.


If you can’t log in to the service for 1 hour after you have bought a subscription please contact us in a support ticket.

What payment methods do you accept?

We do our best to provide multiple payment options worldwide, during the checkout you can see all available payment methods. Currently, we do not accept credit card payments.


For added privacy we accept cryptocurrency transactions via BitPay:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • Ethereum (ETH)


For your convenience we also support special local payment methods:


Please note selecting a local payment method adds a 2% handling fee to your order.

What happens if I have an active subscription and I buy a new one?

You can do it, and the new subscription will be added to your existing one. This way you can use Kameleo continuously.

What support service do you provide?

We have detailed documentation of Kameleo. You will find information about

  • all the features of Kameleo,
  • best practices,
  • and solutions to common problems.

If you can’t find the solution you can still submit a ticket to us. One of our agents will contact you within 72 hours.

Do you log/monitor my activity? What logs do you keep on servers?

We are not monitoring your activity. As we are fighting very hard for privacy on the internet we are not logging anything. So no worry, we are not logging any websites you visit or any other content related to your browsing. We don’t even store your profiles online.


Kameleo is not sending any sensitive information from your local machine. It only communicates with our server for these reasons:

  • Checking your subscription
  • Getting news and updates
  • Getting Base Profile Configurations
  • Reporting bugs and errors
Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes, we have. You can earn 10-20% commission on Kameleo purchases. On the Affiliates account page (Under My Account) you can find more information about our bonus program.

How many profiles are included in my Kameleo Membership?

Infinity. Kameleo has no restriction on the number of profiles you can make with it. There are 20000+ Base Profiles in our system. You can use as much as you want. You can even customize them so there is an infinite number of virtual online profiles included to your Kameleo subscription. You can save all of them to .kameleo files. And later reload them.

Can I import and export cookies in Kameleo?

Yes. We have a built-in tool in Kameleo that lets you import and export cookies from and to your virtual profile.


We are supporting cookies in JSON format. Read our article about cookies.

Can I use Kameleo profiles on multiple machines?

Yes. You can easily save your profile to a .kameleo file. After moving it to another computer your college can continue the browsing with the virtual profile.

Can I use Kameleo on a virtual machine or remote desktop?

Yes. If you prefer to run Kameleo on a VM or a VPS you can do it as well.

Does Kameleo work with VPN or Proxy?

Yes. Feel free to use a VPN while using Kameleo. We are also supporting a proxy connection with our built-in proxy manager. You can easily configure any Socks, Http, or Ssh proxies in the app so Kameleo will change your IP Address as well.


Kameleo is also fully compatible with Proxifier. We created a guide to help you set it up.

Does Kameleo support mobile user agents?

Yes. We have a unique solution for how you can change your Android device’s browser configuration. With our mobile profiles, you can bypass security easily. Read more about it.

Does Kameleo support web browser automation?

Yes. You can connect to Kameleo’s Selenium Driver, so you can automate repetitive browsing tasks. See the documentation.

Need more information? Did you see our knowledge base?

Please check out our knowledge base where you can deep dive into Kameleo. We have created articles about

  • different browser fingerprint technologies,
  • the features of Kameleo,
  • and best practice guides.
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If you didn’t find answer here for your technical question you can still submit a ticket to us. It is a service that is mainly for customers, so due to our limited capacity we will respond for users with active subscription. If you have a question connected to the purchase of a subscription feel free to submit a ticket

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Due to our limited capacities we can provide support with a 72-hour respond time for active users. There is a big chance you can find answers about Kameleo here on the FAQ page or in our Knowledgebase.