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What is browser fingerprinting?

Browser fingerprinting is a technique how you become uniquely identified and tracked while you are just surfing the web. Your browser configuration and Operating System makes you unique.


With Kameleo you can beat all kinds of browser fingerprinting and have 100% privacy on the internet.


Learn more about it on our website.

What is Kameleo?

Kameleo is a software solution to defeat browser fingerprinting and reach 100% privacy on the internet.


If you install Kameleo, sites won’t track you your identity is safe.

What can I use Kameleo for?

From the Kameleo Client you can choose simple anonymity, so you can beat browser fingerprinting while you surf the web.


It is possible to organize different profiles with different browser fingerprints.


For agencies task automation is also coming soon.

Why Kameleo is better in profile management then the Chrome Profiles?

Chrome profiles is just for managing profiles for you. It won’t actually make your profiles look different for websites. The fingerprint will be the same.


Learn more about Kameleo on our website.

How to get Kameleo Client software?

You can download the latest version of the Kameleo Client software from our website’s Downloads page.

How to install Kameleo?

You will have to download the latest version of Kameleo from our website.


Then you will have to install it like a regular program.-�Notice:-�your anti-virus software may alert you during the installation. The best solution is to turn of your anti-virus software during installation.

How can I trust Kameleo while my regular antivirus software says it is suspicious

As we mentioned your antivirus software may alert you during installation and during the use of Kameleo.


It is because of the technical method Kameleo uses, so it can guarantee the privacy. This method can be suspicious for your antivirus software.


Kameleo only defeats browser fingerprinting, it won’t harm you in any way. Our only purpose is to fight against browser fingerprinting.


Try to turn off your antivirus software during installation. Try to set Kameleo as an exception for your antivirus software during you use it.

Are we logging anything?

Absolutely not.-�As we are fighting very hard for privacy on the internet we are not logging anything. So no worry, we are not logging any websites you visit or any other content related to your browsing.

How to register to Kameleo?

You can register to the Kameleo system on this website. Simply click the My Account menu. Registration can be also made during the checkout process.


You can use your Kameleo username and password on this website and in the Kameleo Software.

How to login to Kameleo

You can use the same username and password on the website and on in the Kameleo Client. If you just gave your email address, use the part before the ‘@’ character (john.doe@internet.com -> john.doe).


In order to login to the Kameleo Client you will need an active subscription. You can buy it on this website.


After your order has been completed (payment verified), you’ll have to wait 5-10 mins until you can log into Kameleo.

How can I buy Kameleo subscription

We have subscriptions with different duration. You can find them on the Pricing page.


During checkout you will be able to pay with different cryptocurrencies for better privacy. We support:

  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin cash
  • Dash
  • Ether
  • Litecoin
  • Monero
  • Z-cash
What happens if I have an active subscription and I buy a new one?

You can do it, and the new subscription will add to your existing one. This way you can use Kameleo-�continuously.

My antivirus software alerts me during the use of Kameleo, is it a problem?

During the installation antivirus software can block the installation. We suggest you to turn it of during installation.


The antivirus software can also warn you during you use Kameleo.-�It won’t harm your computer. The antivirus warns you because of the technologies how Kameleo beats browser fingerprinting. No worry, try to turn off antivirus for Kameleo, or just simply ignore it.

How can I earn money? Affiliates program

On the Affiliates account page-�(Under My Account) you can find more information about our bonus program.


After you become an affiliate you can send out your affiliate links. If someone purchases a Kameleo subscription you will receive bonuses.

How can I set up Kameleo with Proxifier?

Kameleo is fully compatible with Proxifier.

Check this article for detailed answer:-�https://kameleo.io/tutorials/kameleo-with-proxifier/

How does the support work?

If you couldn’t find solution on this page, you should submit a ticket under Support menu.


Please provide us as much information as you can.


Due to capacity limitations our support is for users with active subscription. Though you should also submit a ticket if you have problems with purchasing a subscription.


Out team will respond in 72 hours. Please understand that we are working hard to make privacy great again, so we have limited capacity to answer tickets.

Contact Us

If you want to contact our team for collaboration, you can click here or write to hello [at] kameleo [dot] io

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Hope you’ve found answers here, if not, you can read much more about browser fingerprinting and Kameleo on our website. Or we have a knowledgebase.


If you didn’t find answer here for your technical question you can still submit a ticket to us. It is a service that is mainly for customers, so due to our limited capacity we will respond for users with active subscription. If you have a question connected to the purchase of a subscription feel free to submit a ticket

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Due to our limited capacities we can provide support with a 72-hour respond time for active users. There is a big chance you can find answers about Kameleo here on the FAQ page or in our Knowledgebase.