Is an IP Address Change Enough in 2020?

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Is an IP Address Change Enough in 2020?

The biggest myth when it comes to safety on the internet? That an IP address change is enough.

Is an IP Address Change Enough in 2020?

Something commonly advertised and sold by VPN companies with the combo of encryption.

Yes, an IP address change is a huge component of safety on the internet, as, without it, everything you do can be linked back to your IP with incredible ease, but an IP address change is not near enough if you are looking for privacy on the internet, especially in 2020.

Why an IP address Change isn’t enough in 2020

As while your IP address is the easiest way to track you, it is only one of the thousands of ways that it’s possible to track you when you are using a web browser.

Internet, as it became more and more popular and started bringing more and more money, became about maximizing money even more. How does one do that? By understanding people’s behavior better.

What originally was here to help sites show websites better, turned into what is now a data mine.

How do you understand people better? By having data.

Data + AI = ads of the things we just thought about earlier that day and are now convinced that our microphones on our phones are listening to us. …While in reality, data mixed with AI is just so incredible at understanding us.

The problem with data? That not everyone is ethical.

In fact, those that we expect to be ethical, are the ones that often aren’t.

…But nobody needs to be ethical. 

Cookies? You have to agree with the site storing cookies prior to using it. Browser fingerprinting as this is called? It just happens. As it is, there are no measures in place that would protect people visiting sites from browser fingerprinting if they don’t want it to happen.

As a result, there are hundreds and on some sites, thousands of pieces of data collected. Those pieces of data alone don’t mean much, but when combined with other pieces of unique data, they can be used to identify you, even with an IP change. 

How to Protect Yourself in 2020

Is an IP Address Change Enough in 2020

An IP change is a fundamental need for safety on the internet. Something that can be done with a VPN or a proxy.

But for full privacy on the internet, you also need to remove browser fingerprinting.

There are a few solutions for that.

One of them? They well known Tor browser.

The Tor browser is one of the fundaments for safety on the internet. Every Tor user has the same browser fingerprint (unless you resize your browser window which can make you the most unique Tor user & unless you install specific add-ons), which makes you far less identifiable overall. But that comes at the cost of most sites not working properly with Tor. As a result, while a great option for safety, it’s not a great option for most.

Tor users, while sharing the same fingerprint, expose themselves to the possibility to most sites seeing them as suspicious even though they may not be identifiable.

There are also plugins to block browser fingerprinting, but that also breaks site usability and in certain cases, makes you look suspicious as sites notice there’s nothing to track. 

A solution for those that are really looking to invest in privacy and safety on the internet? Kameleo.

Kameleo, unlike many other tools for browser fingerprinting, does not block trackers resulting in sites working. Instead, it provides them with spoofed data. 

Is an IP Address Change Enough in 2020

You have the freedom to control your parameters ranging from something as simple as which platform you are using to something as advanced as Canvas spoofing.

By providing trackers with spoofed data, they get data, meaning they won’t ever see you as suspicious. Meanwhile, you, in reality, stay protected because the data they get is the data you customized or quickly selected by choosing a quick profile option with Kameleo.

An IP Address Change and Lack of Browser Fingerprinting? Is That Enough?

When it comes to internet privacy, if you take away things such as somebody exposing what you do because you once shared it with them in a message, and things on that level, then yes, an IP address change and Kameleo will be enough for you in 2020, and with new features added frequently, the tool will get only better, not only from the perspective of browser fingerprinting.

Kameleo Team
Kameleo Team

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