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Internet Privacy – Protect your Business Online

When it comes to running a business, it’s not about having “nothing to hide.” It’s about protecting your business online.

Internet privacy for businesses is about protecting your employees. It’s also about protecting your reputation and keeping your projects and data safe from hackers and competition.

You know how it is. People complain about the competition, stay stuff that isn’t perhaps the most politically correct, and that can sometimes ruin your companies reputation. How do you protect your business online? We tackle that in this guide.

Oh, and If you confused “business” with what you are up to, no problem. We do have a guide about how to keep privacy on the internet.

Get Your Workers a Device Exclusively for Work101 to Protect Your Business Online

A small company that we will not mention in this guide recently almost lost €150,000 due to a child installing a set of “free” games on a work laptop.

What happened?

Somebody got access to the servers of a company and was able to see all the projects and data around them. Based on that, an invoice was filed for €150,000. That invoice was almost paid.  If it wasn’t for the fact that the hackers made a simple mistake as the wrong signatures were in place, that invoice would have been paid.

Internet Privacy - Protect your Business Online

If you want to protect your business online, that’s why it’s important to separate work devices from personal devices.

Just because you are as professional as it gets at work doesn’t mean that the sites you access after work are safe. Going to a streaming site to watch a match can be all it takes for a device to be infected.

That’s why it’s important for your employees to separate work from personal use. This especially applies to workers that have access to sensitive information.

 If you want to keep your business safe, look into this.

Utilize Encryption

Without encryption, whenever you communicate with your team or send sensitive information when that information is traveling, that information can be intercepted by a hacker. Utilizing encryption can prevent that.

If you are using a secure network in the office, the possibilities of that are slightly smaller but don’t forget that somebody else is also receiving the message you send and vice-versa. And if they are outside of the office, they could be more exposed. That’s why encryption is so important. 

It’s even more important when you are traveling or just working from a cafe and using public Wi-Fi.

Public Wi-Fi is the biggest reason why you need encryption. 

When you use public Wi-Fi, that’s when you are exposed the most because you don’t even need to be a “hacker” to intercept data. You just need to be connected to the same network as someone else.

Not to mention that when you use public Wi-Fi, someone else has an overview of what sites you are accessing, so it’s definitely not a way to get internet privacy unless you utilize encryption.

Use Software That’s Trustworthy

51% percent of companies in Ireland use illegal software, and that’s just one example. That’s a lot of people and most likely means that either you or someone you know pirates software.

There are 2 reasons not to do that:

  1. If you pirate software, the individual that first shares it with you can modify that software in a way that they can collect your data, and you wouldn’t even know.
  2. If caught using illegal software as a company, you can be charged hefty sums even if a small business. Those sums can then kill your business.

You also need to be careful with software that’s legally free. 

A lot of software that’s free comes with plugins and add-ons (which is how these companies make money) that get installed because you never read the privacy agreement, and not all of them are safe to have.

Secure Your Web Browser (The Least Known Tip to Protect Your Business Online)

Modern web browsers such as Google Chrome that run plenty of great plugins that we love, also track information that can be linked to us. 

The browser you are using right now? It’s collecting data about you. Your plugins? They are also collecting data around you. The same goes for the websites you visit.

If you ever heard of virtual private networks, also known as VPNs, then you’ve been advertised that an IP change will mask you on the internet.

That is not the case.

There are thousands of data points that are being collected as you browse the internet. Changing your IP address won’t change the fact that your computer renders images on HTML 5 in a specific unique way. Nor that you still rock the same web browser and system. And that can all be used to identify you. (It’s called browser fingerprinting by the way.)

And this is where Kameleo comes in as the most crucial tool if you want to protect your business online. 

Internet Privacy - Protect your Business Online internet privacy kameleo browser fingerprinting

It allows you to spoof all these trackers so that they have false information, which, as a result, protects you.

What’s interesting about Kameleo for business is that because you can keep spoofing trackers, they won’t be able to tell that it’s you creating multiple accounts on a given platform. Thus giving you the freedom to create unlimited accounts on any platform, for business purposes, without looking suspicious.

Why Not Just Turn off Internet Trackers?

…Let’s pretend we turned off-canvas fingerprinting with some plugin. Canvas is a part of HTML 5 and simply explained is responsible for rendering of images and animations. But it can also be used to identify you due to how your GPU, drivers, and web browsers render content. If you were to turn it off, you might be thinking that you are protecting your business, but in reality, you are making yourself more unique and thus more identifiable as how many people turn of canvas fingerprinting?

Kameleo fools trackers, and that’s how you stay undetected when you use a web browser.

Just create a profile with your own settings or get a quick profile that automatically selects them for you, and you are good to go. 

Invest in an Anti-Virus and Malware Software

As a business, you are right away more attractable for an attack as you most likely have money and valuable data to protect. An average John Doe doesn’t. 

Some viruses and malware will just slow down your device. 

Others? They can show no signs at all. Meanwhile, in reality, they can be collecting tons of data from your computer and account logged into on your computer.

Internet Privacy - Protect your Business Online virus malware

…Or even worse, the data collected can be used to ransom you for money.

You can lose the privacy of your data forever, and then it can be used for ransom. That’s a  double loss for no reason.

If you want to protect your business online, that’s why it’s important to invest in anti-virus and malware protection software.

Use a Variety of Complex Passwords

This is a tip that we mentioned in our other guides before, but one that we also need to mention here.

There are 2 main password mistakes that people make:

  1. They use simple passwords.
  2. They use the same passwords over and over again.

If you use utilize the same passwords across all your accounts, if just one of them becomes known, all of your accounts become at risk, and by the time you notice, it might already be too late.

Don’t Share Everything Online – The Last Tip That Will Protect Your Business Online

The last internet privacy tip that will help you protect your business online is, in theory, the easiest to apply. Very few apply it, though.

Whenever you put any piece of data on the internet, even when you use tools like Kameleo and apply everything mentioned in this guide, there’s still a possibility of third party leaks.

What does that mean?

It means that the platform you shared a file on can have a data breach which can result in either your content being released or passwords being available for easy access to hackers.

To see whether your emails have been involved in a breach, it’s worth checking out Have I Been Pwned. It will analyze your email against databases of stolen passwords/accounts.

By avoiding putting files online, you are helping protect your business online that extra bit.

Kameleo Team
Kameleo Team

Our team consists of IT security experts, professional developers, and privacy enthusiasts who always searching better ways for browser fingerprint protection and developing innovative tools for browser automation and web scraping.