Business Benefits and Negatives of Browser Fingerprinting

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Business Benefits and Negatives of Browser Fingerprinting

If you heard of browser fingerprinting in the past, then you know there’s a lot of negatives to it when it comes to consumers. But what about business? In this post, we are going over how business benefits and negatives of browser fingerprinting, and how utilizing and not utilizing browser fingerprinting, can boost your business.

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Browser Fingerprinting Prevents Fraud

This is, by far, perhaps the biggest benefit of browser fingerprinting.

As a business, tracking data on your site, especially when there’s money involved, can prevent fraud. 

Business Benefits and Negatives of Browser Fingerprinting prevent fraud bank

Banks today use sets of data to determine whether you are suspicious or not, and based on that can prevent fraud. What does that mean for you? That you won’t be charged money, for something you never bought. 

That’s also why today, in most cases, you can travel to a different part of the world, and still use your bank. Your IP address might have changed, you are still using the same device with the same screen resolution, most likely with the same version of the app.

The same applies to websites. 

Even if you change your location, you will, in most cases, remain logged in because a bunch of data still matches.

You implementing browser fingerprinting as a business can kill privacy. Still, at the same time, it can improve the safety of your users, and that’s important when it comes to sensitive data.

…It Also Allows for Data Which You Can Use to Improve Your Business

Implementing tracking on your site allows you to learn what type of users you are interacting with.

Browser fingerprinting will let you know details such as what screen resolution, browser, language, location, and OS system someone utilizes.

Meanwhile, the likes of cookies allow you to see what part of the site your audience interacts with. They also allow you to see at what point does your audience leave. And where they stay the longest.

That allows you to build audience profiles that you can base your ads around, allowing you to reach people more effectively.

Business Benefits and Negatives of Browser Fingerprinting creating profiles to track

That’s one of the biggest business benefits of browser fingerprinting. But also one of the biggest negatives when it comes to privacy.

…Which Is the Reason for Which Might Turn People Away from Your Business

The more people become aware of browser fingerprinting, and the more you track, the more conscious decisions they will make about what sites they use. 

Ultimately though, in many cases, it will be beneficial for you to track data. As let’s face it, data gives you a huge advantage over the competition that doesn’t have as much of it.

The key here is to be transparent about what data you collect and to explain exactly why you collect it. People mostly don’t care provided if it’s for a valid reason that doesn’t involve you selling that data. Provided you tell them about it.

Eliminating Browser Fingerprinting Allows for an Unlimited Account Creation

If you need to create a lot of accounts for testing or whatever business purposes you have, this is where the elimination of browser fingerprinting comes in useful to you as a business.

How do you eliminate browser fingerprinting in the first place? With tools like Kameleo.

Business Benefits and Negatives of Browser Fingerprinting hack

With Kameleo, you can customize your browser fingerprint, and that’s the only way to eliminate browser fingerprinting fully, which will then allow you to create unlimited accounts.

If you just disabled all trackers that would be able to identify you, the fact that those are disabled would make you identifiable. Hence companies would still be able to somewhat link to you, or otherwise, prevent you from creating accounts. 

That’s why you need to spoof trackers by providing them with different information.

Kameleo allows you to do that.

Whenever you are eliminating browser fingerprinting, with Kameleo, you can adjust your location, operating system, and the browser you are “using” just to name a few. That way the service you are signing up on will never suspect you for creating a set of accounts since you can keep changing your browser fingerprints all the time.

No Browser Fingerprinting Also Means Privacy for Your Business

By eliminating browser fingerprinting, you can keep your company and employees safe.

Are a media company and writing a controversial story? If all the trackers have the wrong information, you won’t be trackable through browser fingerprinting.

What does that mean?

It means that whether you operate Kameleo on your Android phone or on your computer, that you will have complete privacy.

That means that no plugin or site will be able to collect the right information about you. 

And this applies to something as simple as your time zone and OS version. Or to something as complex as canvas fingerprinting in HTML 5, which allows for your identification through making a fingerprint-based on how your computer/browser renders content.

These Are the Top Business Benefits and Negatives of Browser Fingerprinting

As you can see, it’s not as simple as some guides make it look.

We can’t just eliminate browser fingerprinting as overall, it does have its benefits, but not using it also has many other benefits, depending on the situation.

What will, for sure, have a benefit? You reading about How to Protect Your Business Online! 

Kameleo Team
Kameleo Team

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