Why Canvas Blocking Won’t Keep You Safe on the Internet

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Why Canvas Blocking Won’t Keep You Safe on the Internet

Read about canvas fingerprinting being an issue when it comes to safety and privacy on the internet and though that canvas blocking was a good idea?

Well, in this post we are covering why blocking canvas fingerprinting is a bad idea.

…As Canvas Blocking Won’t Keep You Safer on the Internet

Browser fingerprinting? It’s the process of data collection that can be used to identify you.

But just like having adblockers on and off can be used to identify you, you blocking canvas fingerprinting in itself is quite identifiable.

Even more so then if you just left your browser fingerprint on.


As most of the population doesn’t have canvas blocking enabled.

That makes canvas blockers very unique on the internet.

Ultimately, not blocking canvas fingerprinting can be used to track you. And blocking it? It can also be used to track you.

What can you do about it instead?

You Can Trick Canvas Fingerprinting Instead

If blocking canvas fingerprinting will make you identifiable, and not blocking it will also make you identifiable, then the only option left is to trick the canvas by providing it with data that isn’t right.

That way, you can avoid being detected by not having a blocked canvas, while not providing the canvas with information about you that could be used to identify you.

Unfortunately, the process of doing that isn’t easy as powerful algorithms are in place to figure out whether a canvas is real or fake. But that’s where Kameleo comes in.

Kameleo is the most powerful canvas fingerprinting spoofing tool available on the market. Instead of blocking, it tricks, while fooling powerful algorithms. 


Download Kameleo and set up a profile with canvas spoofing enabled and check a canvas detection site to see for yourself.

Let’s Explain How This Works

To explain how canvas fingerprint spoofing works, we first need to explain canvas fingerprinting in the first place.

The Canvas element was first introduced by Apple all the way back in 2004 and is part of HTML 5, which 79.7% of websites utilize at this point. It allows for the rendering of animations and images. But it can also be used for tracking. 

Devices all use different algorithms and settings for anti-aliasing and subpixel rendering. And since we all rock different web browsers, graphic cards, and drivers, how images are rendered is unique to your device. And the piece of data created when rendering images creates a unique fingerprint that can be used to identify you.

If using Kameleo you set up a profile that utilizes a macOS with Safari, but in reality are using Chrome on a Windows 10 device, if you were just using basic canvas spoofing, algorithms will figure out that your canvas is fake. Why? As it wouldn’t match with how macOS with Safari renders images.

Kameleo’s Intelligent Canvas Spoofing adjusts the canvas fingerprint not just to the point that it’s different from your real canvas fingerprint. But also to the point that it looks exactly right so it can’t be marked as fake.

Is Removing Canvas Fingerprinting Enough to Stay Safe on the Internet?

You eliminated canvas fingerprinting with Kameleo. Is that enough to stay safe and have privacy on the internet?

Absolutely not.

Apart from canvas fingerprinting, browser fingerprinting exists. And it’s a bigger issue. Why? As there’s a lot more tracking going on with it even though it’s far more basic tracking.

Things like your time zone, system version, language, or web browser can be used to track you, even if your IP is changed.

IP change is important when it comes to safety on the internet. But if all the other variables are still the same, you are still trackable. That’s why banks don’t automatically freeze your account when you log in from other places. 

Kameleo also takes care of that. When setting up a profile, you can adjust just about any settings that could be used to identify you. Oh, and you can run a few of these profiles at the same time.

Removing canvas fingerprint by itself is not enough. But combined with removing browser fingerprinting all together, you will be able to keep your self safe on the internet.

But of course, while browser fingerprinting is the easiest way to track someone on the internet, it’s not the only factor to look at. To find out what factors to look at when it comes to staying safe on the internet, we recommend you check out our guide to privacy. We also have one about how protect your business online if you own a business.

Kameleo Team
Kameleo Team

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