Finally, a viable proxy alternative in the wake of the surprise shutdown

As of July 28th announced their termination. Now many customers are angry and confused about how to move on. Here you will find some quick/practical advice.

In this post we will cover:

  • What happened to
  • What practical alternatives currently exist?

What happened to

On July 28th, customer woke up to a rude awakening. The proxy provider that they had used and relied on for years was forced to shut down abruptly. The reasons for this were cited as being due to phishing attacks carried out by a group of hackers who had supposedly cloned their website while simultaneously manipulating search engine results and social media accounts.

All customer login credentials were stolen vis-a-vis these front-end facades, and customer account balances were emptied and sold for illicit uses.

Below you can view the full text of the letter that they openly issued to the public in general, and their customers in particular:

What practical alternatives currently exist?

Currently, Kameleo is recommending that its customers work with Bright Data. This is a trusted proxy network provider that has been around since 2014. Its networks have over 72 million IPs, and have four different networks which are vetted in real-time, ensuring that all use cases are both legal and compliant.

How Bright Data’s approach to real-time compliance and due diligence ensure a safe and stable network

This is key for Kameleo users that are looking for a liable alternative that will give them operational peace of mind over the long term.

In order to show how much Kameleo believes in Bright Data as a viable/stable solution for customers affected by the shutdown, the two companies are now making a special, one-time offer.

Kameleo customers that are interested in using Bright Data will now have every dollar that they deposit matched when they deposit anywhere between $25, and $250. This will help businesses recoup some of their losses, and gain confidence in this proxy provider.

Kameleo Team

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