Explaining Browser Fingerprinting (And Does It Actually Matter as Far as Internet Safety)

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Explaining Browser Fingerprinting (And Does It Actually Matter as Far as Internet Safety)

People have far more concern over their privacy than ever before, with far more research about privacy on the internet done than ever. Yet, nobody seems to know about browser fingerprinting, which is a crucial element of privacy on the internet. 

Why is that? And is browser fingerprinting worth your concern?

Why Most People Never Heard of Browser Fingerprinting

Good marketing of VPN services is the reason for that.


VPN services are often advertised as services that will offer you full protection on the internet. And that marketing (ironically with the help of browser fingerprinting) has been done so well that people now assume that connecting to a VPN will offer complete security on the internet.
Before we explain browser fingerprinting, we need to talk about what most people assume about internet safety due to VPN services.

A very common misconception on the internet is that if you can change your IP address and use encryption, that you will have privacy on the internet.

That, however, is not the case at all.

explaining browser fingerprinting gloves

Just because a thief uses a set of gloves and doesn’t leave any fingerprints doesn’t mean that he doesn’t leave any DNA on the scene. Or that a security camera didn’t capture his license plate. Just like there are many ways to catch a thief, there are many ways to identify someone online.

Briefly, that’s what browser fingerprinting is. And that’s exactly why an IP change is not enough to offer you privacy on the internet.

Explaining Browser Fingerprinting and Why It Won’t Keep You Fully Safe on the Internet

If you ever used a VPN before, you know that even with a VPN, ads about a product that you were thinking about still show up.

That’s because an IP address is just of the many ways that you can be tracked online.

Browser fingerprinting is essentially your web browser, sites that you access, and plugins, collecting pieces of data such as your screen resolution, timezone, or your canvas. Those pieces of data are then linked together with algorithms to identify you, even if you change your IP.

Of course, somebody is bound to have the same browser fingerprint. But only 1 in 286,777 fingerprints tend to be the same.

People are either unaware of this and have no privacy at all, or they install VPN services and just think they have privacy.

Does It Matter as Far as Safety on the Internet?

That depends.

…If you live in a country with censorship, you for sure don’t want to have any browser fingerprints that go against your country.

…If you want to have privacy on the internet, browser fingerprinting is the biggest issue when it comes to that. Companies are able to collect data on you, whether you accept their terms or not.

Browser fingerprinting also matters if you do a lot of app testing that requires a lot of connections on a specific website or app, and for many other reasons that you can read about on our blog

What Can You Do to Eliminate Fingerprinting?

The only way to fully remove browser fingerprinting is by using services like Kameleo. Kameleo eliminates browser fingerprinting by spoofing all trackable information. That way the services you use will still collect information, but that information will be wrong. Thus those services won’t be able to identify you.

explaining browser fingerprinting gloves

While Kameleo in itself is a very advanced piece of software, it’s very easy to explain.

You just create a profile with your desired options. With those ranging from your OS of choice to screen resolution. After you do that, Kameleo will then trick every piece of tracking information out there. And that’s whether you use Kameleo on your Android phone or on your computer. (We cover this more in-depth on our blog.)

Is Browser Fingerprinting All Bad?

While browser fingerprinting by itself isn’t great, there are some benefits of browser fingerprinting, such as the fact that it can prevent bank fraud.

Most people will find it to be a privacy breach, though. A breach that can be eliminated with Kameleo

Ready to try it out?

Kameleo Team
Kameleo Team

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