Does Internet Privacy Still Exist Today? Here’s What You Can Do About It

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Does Internet Privacy Still Exist Today? Here’s What You Can Do About It

Let’s face it. The internet loves to dramatize a lot of things. With that said, internet privacy is a growing concern. 59% of people already believing that it is impossible to be completely anonymous while surfing the web. So does internet privacy still exist today, to what point, and even more importantly, does it matter as much?

Data is King

It’s no longer oil, but data that is the most powerful resource in the world. 

Internet Privacy Does Exist Today If You Want to

When censorship in China gets mentioned, most never look at the fact that while China does engage in censorship, the bigger reason for why China has its own social media is due to data.

If American platforms were allowed in China, China would be missing out on trillion pieces of data that right now allows it to grow at the pace it’s growing.

And let’s be clear, data is important. If no data was ever collected, the world wouldn’t be able to grow at such a rapid pace. 

Everything You Are Using on the Internet Right Now Is Collecting Data About You

If you wondering does internet privacy still exists today, this headline pretty much answers that for you.

As you are reading this, your web browser also knows your OS system, timezone, language frequently used, and screen resolution. Just to name a few basics.

That’s a result of browser fingerprinting. Everything you do on the internet and the way you access the internet is being tracked. 

Every little difference between you and someone as far as data can then be used to identify you directly on the internet. Even if you go anonymous or change your IP address.

Considering most people use the same font, that by itself isn’t a lot to go on, but what if I was using a unique set of fonts with a specific resolution in a weird time zone? Even with an IP change, that would allow companies to identify me. 

Most individuals that have some basic privacy knowledge know that an IP change using a VPN will keep you safe on the internet. Except, that’s not true.

VPN companies have market internet safety very well, in the process not telling you the full story.

Browser fingerprinting is the barrier between internet privacy or the lack of it. If it’s in place, all the sites you are using are able to track a ton of data about you.

Here’s What You Can Do to Get Internet Privacy the Only Way That Internet Privacy Still Exists Today

The only way to get full internet privacy on the internet is if no trackers are able to collect data about you.

And that’s hard considering how many different means of tracking you there is.

 Does internet privacy still exist today

And that’s where Kameleo comes in as a service that eliminates browser fingerprinting.

How does it do it?

By spoofing all the data that web browsers, sites, and plugins would otherwise be collecting. You could, for instance, be using a Windows device while making a site think that you are operating a macOS device.

Kameleo will allow you to spoof plugins, fonts, and things as simple as your screen resolution. That way you can be fully protect you on the internet. Just create a profile in the Kameleo app or get a Quick Profile in a few seconds, and you will have internet privacy in seconds.

Internet Privacy Does Exist Today If You Want to…

Does internet privacy still exist today? For most, it doesn’t.

Every little difference between you and someone else can be tracked on the internet if you don’t take action towards internet privacy. 

Unless you use Kameleo or find a way to fool all trackers by yourself.
Ready to try it out?

Kameleo Team
Kameleo Team

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