New video: Intelligent Canvas Spoofing

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New video: Intelligent Canvas Spoofing

Canvas spoofing is one of the most powerful tool of Kameleo. Many websites using it to identify your device so there are a lot of privacy tools that help to hide it but none of them can spoof it like Kameleo.

Privacy tools may block canvas but then you will be unique because not too many users are blocking it. Most of the sites may block you then.

Other tools may simply override the how your canvas is drawn for every profile. This worked a couple of years ago but lately Machine Learning Algorithms can realize those fake canvases. This is the case when you see 100% uniqueness on .

In Kameleo there is an enhanced way of spoofing. It results a natural canvas that is spoofed. Websites won’t see that you are changing your canvas but it will be different for all your virtual profiles.

In this video we show you how Kameleo can change your canvas while resulting a natural browser fingerprint. Read more about canvas fingerprinting: