Mastering the art of warming up virtual browser profiles

Getting past the tight security measures of web scraping isn’t easy—it takes skill and precision. One effective trick is to slowly warm up virtual browser profiles, making them look more like real users and less like automated bots. Drawing from the lessons learned from our clients, we’ve developed a careful and tested method for doing just that. This ensures that your web scraping efforts are reliable and effective. So, whether you’re scraping data from platforms like Google, Amazon, or Etsy, or automating tasks on the browser, our tips and tricks will help you stay undetected and successful.

What are the virtual browser profiles, and why should you warm them up?

As web scrapers transition to browser-based solutions like Puppeteer, Playwright, or Selenium, they face new challenges. Recognizing the need for advanced techniques like puppeteer-extra-plugin-stealth or anti-detect browsers becomes crucial. In this context, virtual browser profiles are key for effective anti-detect browsing and web scraping. These profiles are the digital replicas of real users’ browsing sessions, encompassing saved cookies, session storage, and browser fingerprints. They help web scrapers to seem more like humans online, making it easier to access data without raising suspicions in the eyes of the websites.

Initial setup

At the beginning, it’s important to be patient and not rush into creating accounts right away. Rapid account registrations can trigger suspicion from security systems, leading to potential blocks or bans. By waiting and doing some ‘warming up activities’, you lay the groundwork for a more successful scraping process.

Gradual engagement

Let’s start acting like a real user. Do some regular Google searches and click on some ads. This helps make your browsing history look more like a genuine user’s, which makes your profiles seem more real. This process typically requires around 2 to 3 weeks to complete.

Account registrations

Once you’ve done some basic browsing, it’s safe to create email accounts. Look for ways to make this process easier. Keep up with your browsing habits to seem more like a human user.

Social media integration

With email accounts in place, it’s time to expand to social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Spread out your sign-ups over a few days to seem more natural. Like posts, connect with people – act like a real user to further solidify the credibility of these profiles.

Holistic profile development

Think of your online presence like a story; it has a beginning, middle, and end, so your online activity should have a logical flow. Instead of hopping between different browsers or devices, try to stick to one browser for all your online tasks, like browsing, emails and social media. This makes your online behavior look consistent and less suspicious. For example, if you use Chrome (or Chroma if you use Kameleo) for browsing, Gmail for emails, and Facebook for social media, try to use Chrome for all of them. This makes your online behavior look consistent and less suspicious.

Enhanced security measures

Implementing Yubikey authentication for Google accounts adds an extra layer of security. Rotating between multiple keys increases the chances of success while minimizing the risk of being locked out of accounts. However, it’s essential to note that similar security measures may not be available for other platforms like Facebook.


After completing the warming up process, it’s crucial to continue maintaining the authenticity and credibility of the virtual browser profiles. This ongoing maintenance ensures sustained success in web scraping activities. Here are some key practices to consider:

  • Continuously engage with the profiles through regular browsing activities. This includes interacting with various websites, conducting searches, and exploring different online platforms.
  • Periodically supplement automated activity with manual interactions. For instance, actively participate in Google Maps by leaving reviews or suggesting corrections to ensure the profile remains genuine and active.

From the initial setup to the ongoing maintenance of profiles, each step plays a crucial role in ensuring the success of your scraping efforts. By implementing the strategies outlined in this guide, you can safeguard your scraping projects and unlock a world of valuable data while remaining undetected and successful.

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