Multi-Accounts App That Will Let You Bypass Account Creation Problems

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Multi-Accounts App That Will Let You Bypass Account Creation Problems

Creating an account is simple. Creating several to a few thousand of accounts? It’s still simple with the right multi-accounts app. Just a bit more time-consuming. In this guide, we are going over how you can bypass account creation problems. Whether you are buying accounts or whether you choose to create them.

Multi-Accounts App That Will Let You Bypass Account Creation Problems

And once you understand what results in accounts being blocked in the first place, you’ll understand why it’s very simple to bypass account creation problems.

Why Account Creation Problems Happen

Websites, plugins, and browsers collect data at all times.

That’s one of the reasons why sites can turn on at the right size. 

Instagram in your web browser isn’t going to show you a mobile version of the app. That just wouldn’t look good.

That piece of data? It’s called browser fingerprinting.

Banks use it to prevent fraud, and well, social media platforms, also in a way, use it for that.

Regardless of whether you buy accounts from someone or whether you create them, if you are accessing many accounts all from the same device with all the same parameters, that makes you unique, and platforms will figure out that you are operating multi-accounts.

And this is where Kameleo comes in.

The multi-accounts app that will let you bypass account creation problems is the one that bypasses that problem.

Kameleo won’t create multi-accounts for you, but it will allow the accounts that you create or buy to work. Whether you are looking to farm Facebook accounts or whether you are looking for Amazon or Gmail accounts, just to name a few basic examples.

…Provided that you take all the right steps.

How do you use it?

  • Turn on Kameleo.
  • Click on Create Profile or Quick Profile.
  • Customize your settings as you wish, modifying with every new account you want to create.
  • Connect.
  • Create an account.
Multi-Accounts App That Will Let You Bypass Account Creation Problems

For this to work, though, you need to keep creating different profiles that are unique to each other. Otherwise, it will be just like not using Kameleo at all anyway.

Kameleo does allow you to use many accounts all at once with different browser windows open. When you connect to a profile, start creating another one, and a new window with different details will open right away.

After you are done, just save all the profiles with the names that link to your specific account, and re-use them again. (That’s important to do.)

Bypass Account Creation Problems by Buying Accounts

If you choose to buy multi-accounts, you have 2 problems to face.

The one we already mentioned and the one that whoever made your accounts could have made the basic mistake of creating all the accounts from one location or continuing to do so, putting the accounts you buy at high risk of being taken down.

…Or you could create your accounts on your own.

Creating Your Own Multi-Accounts

Creating your own accounts eliminates the risk of them being taken down due to basic errors, but it does make the process more time-consuming.

To create your own accounts you will need to once again use Kameleo, but you’ll also need to use an app to get a virtual phone number. And will need to create a bunch of emails that you can easily do just like you normally create an email account, but with the use of Kameleo.

That’s not hard, it just requires more time.

However, Kameleo recently got an update, and now you can automate your browser with Selenium with a bit of code making this step more efficient. (Google can help you if you don’t know how to code at all.)

Kameleo Is a Multi-Accounts App That Will Let You Bypass Account Creation Problems

Making a platform think that you don’t have the same parameters on all of your accounts is the key to creating and keeping multi-accounts, and Kameleo is an app for that.

Kameleo Team
Kameleo Team

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