How to Run Several Social Media Accounts at Once

If you ever tried to run several social media accounts at once, you know that even though it sounds simple in theory, it’s not simple at all.

…Most social media platforms don’t allow you to operate several accounts at once, and some even limit your accounts when you try, and that makes life hard, especially if you are running social media accounts at a bigger scale.

If you want to run several social media accounts at once, there is a way to do it, though, and we walk through it in this guide.

How to Run Several Social Media Accounts at Once

The problem with trying to run several accounts at once is the issue of platforms not giving that option. That means that you just cannot switch between accounts as it is. But what if every different browser window was a different account? For that, every web window that is open would need to have a different memory. That’s where Kameleo comes in as a tool that spoofs browser fingerprints allowing you to stay safe on the internet, but in this case, to connect to several social media accounts at once.

How do you do it exactly?

  1. Download Kameleo and install it.
  2. Press on New Profile.
  3. Select your basic settings such as OS, system language, etc.
  4. Press on Search.
  5. Select your profile of choice.
  6. Customize the details.
  7. Press Next.
  8. Press Next and then on Launch Web Browser.
  9. A new browser window will launch. That browser window only will be different from your standard browser, allowing you to sign in to your account. 
  10. Repeat that for as many accounts as you wish.

When finished, make sure to save the profiles with names that suggest which account is for which profile. If you have any issues going through Kameleo settings, move your mouse over anything you aren’t sure about, and you’ll see at the bottom of Kameleo, text showing up explaining the specific feature. And when you want to go back to your social media accounts, just open the saved profiles, and you’ll be able to access all those social media accounts at once.

…However, there’s an obvious issue with running several social media accounts at one, that will result in them being limited or blocked if not addressed, which we’ll talk through now.

Kameleo Helps Bypass Multi-Account detection

If you keep logging in with different accounts on Facebook unless every new web window is unique to each other, Facebook will be like: “hold on, what’s going on here?” That’s because platforms like Facebook have measures in place to prevent multi-accounts.

…With the help of browser fingerprinting. Browser fingerprinting has its good sides as it helps protect your bank account, but it also results in platforms like Facebook being able to detect when several accounts are being run at the same time from one platform.

Kameleo? It doesn’t kill browser fingerprints. If it did, not too many sites would work well. What it does instead is that it spoofs browser fingerprints. Facebook still gets its data, just the wrong one. As a result, all the multi-accounts you are running can work. As far as running social media accounts with Kameleo, here are two things you need to do to make sure several  social media accounts work at all times:

  1. When creating Kameleo profiles for several social media accounts, you need to make sure that the settings between them differ. All the accounts must have a different browser fingerprint. At the same time, each account must be connected to the same browser fingerprint as the last time.
  2. You need to use a VPN or a Proxy.

Kameleo will spoof everything social media accounts might track, but it won’t spoof your IP address. And that’s where connecting to a proxy/VPN comes in. And you can do that through Kameleo when setting up your profile. If you already use a VPN or a proxy, that’s great. If you don’t, Bright Data (formerly Luminati) offers over 31 million IP addresses in 195+ countries, allowing you to virtually connect just about anywhere in the world without looking suspicious. Bright Data offers our users $250 of credits extra if you get $250 in credits in the first place.

That’s How to Run Several Social Media Accounts at Once

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