How to Create Multi-Accounts without Any Problems

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How to Create Multi-Accounts without Any Problems

Do you want to create multi accounts on Facebook, Instagram, or any other platform regardless of the purpose whether that’s to farm Facebook accounts or not?  All major services, unfortunately, have measures of prevention in place that perhaps don’t necessarily make the creation of multi-accounts hard as you can easily buy multi-accounts online, but that prevent multi-accounts from working.

How to Create Multi-Accounts without Any Problems

Why? As recent events, particularly involving manipulation in politics resulted in platforms such as Facebook taking extra steps to prevent multi-accounts. And thus, unfortunately, making it incredibly harder to maintain multi-accounts.

There is a way to create and maintain multi-accounts without any problems, though. If you understand the measures in place to prevent multi-accounts.

Understanding How Platforms Deal with Multi-Accounts

Let’s assume you run Google Chrome.

If you try to create 20 different accounts on Facebook or to even manage already created accounts, Facebook will see that you are using Chrome.

It will also see that you have a specific screen resolution, language, OS, location, and IP address.

Due to HTML 5, Facebook will also be able to link to you. That’s due to your graphics card, driver version, and the browser you are using.

It’s also something as simple as you having ad-block on that helps Facebook out.

This is called browser fingerprinting, it doesn’t require cookies, and it can lead to the blocking of your accounts, even if you were to connect to a VPN to be encrypted while having a different IP address.

If you understand that, then you know that to create multi-accounts that won’t stop working, without any problems, you need to be able to eliminate trackers from seeing that all of your accounts are in the same location.

Unfortunately, blocking trackers would also not work as that would be identifiable, too. That’s since most of the internet population doesn’t block trackers.

Using Multi-Accounts That You Bought without Any Problems

If you choose to buy multi-accounts, you will save a ton of time as you won’t have to manually create them. However, this method will only save you time if these accounts are created the right way in the first place.

If they aren’t, they have a high likelihood of being blocked.

Why? As even if you do manage to bypass the tracking issue if those accounts you were given were all created by someone that created them in the same environment without dealing with the trackers, then those can all be linked together and disabled at once.

And if someone continues to create accounts under some of these details matching, one day, they can all just disappear, meaning you wasted your money and that you have to go through the process again.

As far as knowing the precautions that were taken by someone, you can only trust what they say…

If they did take the right precautions, that’s great, but before you start using the accounts you bought, you also need to take the right precautions as otherwise, all of those accounts will be linked together anyway.

And this is where Kameleo comes in.

Kameleo allows you to create and keep multi-accounts by allowing you to change trackable information.

That way, none of your multi-accounts are connected to each other.

You can be utilizing Chrome rocking Windows 8 while in France. While making Facebook and your web browser think that you are using Safari on a macOS, while in South Korea.

And the best thing about it is that you can keep creating new profiles and launching new browser windows that operate under these profiles. Allowing you to run many accounts at once. Well, provided you have enough RAM to handle many tabs.

Creating Multi-Accounts by Yourself

Ultimately, whether you want to farm Facebook accounts by creating accounts or buying them, it ultimately goes down to the same aspect. 

…To whether the platform you are using can detect that you and all the other accounts are connected.

Should you create multi-accounts by yourself?

Well, it will for sure take you far more time, but at the same time, by creating your own accounts, you are eliminating the risk that somebody created your accounts in a way that sets them for failure.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Every Account You Create Needs to Be in Some Way Unique to the Other.

An IP address difference is a must with every account, but you also need to change up your resolution and web browser from time to time, while having canvas spoofing activated at all times. You can do all of that with Kameleo.

  • Turn on Kameleo.
  • Press on Create New Profile. (You can also press on Quick Profile.)
  • Customize your settings how you desire them.
  • Connect.

2. Figure out How You Are Going to Get Different Phone Numbers and Emails to Use for Account Creation.

How to Create Multi-Accounts without Any Problems

As far as emails go, as you are aware, it’s incredibly easy to create emails. Just use Kameleo and create an email with a provider such as Gmail which takes under a minute.

Numbers? All you need is a virtual number, and there’s plenty of apps for that.

3. Register an Account Using a Kameleo Profile, While Providing an Email Address or Phone Number.

Once you finish creating one, open up Kameleo again, and repeat the process. Your tab with the previous account will still be opened and working. Meanwhile, you can continue to create more and more accounts.

And of course, you can save all these profiles. That way the next time you want to access these accounts, you will be able to connect to them from the same location again. Meaning you will never look suspicious to the platform you are accessing.

Since version 1.9, Kameleo now also works with Selenium Driver, allowing you to automate the signup process, with the right code.

That’s How to Create Multi-Accounts without Any Problems

Creating multi-accounts isn’t hard. Maintaining them by not making trackers aware that all of your accounts are being accessed from the same device, that’s what’s hard. And that’s where Kameleo steps in as a tool that can prevent trackers from seeing the reality.

If you want to create multi-accounts without problems while keeping them in the future, you need to make sure that you are never accessing them with the same browser fingerprint.

Kameleo Team
Kameleo Team

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