How to Change Browser Parameters

Whether looking to change browser parameters for developer testing or because you need to change your browser parameters so that you can run multiple social media accounts all at once, in this guide, we’ll show you the most effective way to change your browser parameters. In a way so that you can make your Chrome browser on your Windows look like a Firefox browser on a macOS. But first, let’s debunk the common myth.

Why A VPN Is Not Enough To Change Browser Parameters

You probably saw an ad of a VPN service telling you that by changing your IP address, you will be fully anonymous on the internet.

…And while it’s true that a VPN changes your browser parameters partly as your IP address will be changed, which is crucial, that’s only one of the many points that your web browser and sites you use, use to identify you.

This is called browser fingerprinting.

If you change your IP address, but your screen resolution, Canvas, OS system, and other aspects such as browser version are still the same, then these data points can be combined to identify you, even if you are using a VPN. That’s why websites don’t automatically log you out when you connect to a VPN. They still know it’s you. Browser fingerprinting has both good sides and bad sides. On one side, it protects your bank accounts, but on the other, well, it allows for platforms like Facebook to prevent multi-accounts from working. To explain browser fingerprinting briefly, it’s just simple data points. Alone, they mean nothing. Combined, well, they create incredibly accurate data points.

…So accurate that only 1 in 286,77 browsers has the same fingerprint as you. By changing browser parameters, you can solve this issue.

How to Change the Parameters of Your Browser

When it comes to changing your browser parameters depending on your exact needs, you have two options.

1. You remove browser fingerprinting.


2. You change your browser fingerprinting.

Removing your browser fingerprint can be beneficial as far as staying safe, but in a way, it’s also identifiable as, after all, how many people don’t have a browser fingerprint in a world? Not to mention that it breaks the functionality of most websites that you might want to access or test. On the other hand, if you change your browser fingerprint, sites will remain to function as normal, but will just work with different browser parameters. For instance, Facebook can think that you are a macOS user on Chrome when in reality, you are a Firefox user on Windows 10. And this is where Kameleo comes in.

Kameleo is the most advanced tool for changing your browser fingerprint. Here’s how to set it up to change your browser parameters:

  1. Download and install Kameleo.
  2. Press on New Profile.
  3. Select your Device Type, OS Version, System Language, Browser Product & Version of choice.

After you do that, press on Search and select the profile of your interest.

Once you have your profile picked, and press on Next, you will be taken to a fine-tuning tab.

There you can customize aspects such as graphics and screen resolution.

Next, press on Next. Now, you will be given an option to add a proxy/VPN so that you can change the IP address on the new browser window that will open with the customized browser parameters.

If you don’t currently use any VPN/Proxy services, perhaps using Bright Data (formerly Luminati) with over 31 million IP addresses is worth giving a shot. Our users get $250 worth of credits with them for $250 credits acquired.

…Otherwise, if you already use a VPN/proxy, put in the details of it and press on Next.

Lastly, you will be taken to Fonts Settings and Plugings Settings. When you’ve customized everything, press on LAUNCH BROWSER, and just like that, you’ve changed the parameters of your browser. For instance, now, you can use numerous accounts on one platform all at once. Simply create more and more Kameleo profiles and turn them on, and just like that, you will be able to bypass fingerprinting measures of other platforms.

Some Of The Benefits Of Changing Browser Parameters

  1. Get full privacy on the internet.
  2. Run multi-accounts without getting your accounts limited.
  3. Test as a developer with changed browser parameters.

Are you ready to get control of your browser fingerprint?

Kameleo Team

Our team consists of IT security experts, professional developers, and privacy enthusiasts who always searching better ways for browser fingerprint protection and developing innovative tools for browser automation and web scraping.