Private Beta Testing

The best-in-class Anti-detect browser has arrived

Kameleo’s new Chromium-based browser is now modified and entirely rewritten at its core using C++ techniques. This update allows our users to change their browser fingerprint components more naturally, therefore performs much better against (bot) detection systems (such as Cloudflare) and has no issues on browser fingerprint testing sites (such as Pixelscan, and CreepJS). Steady improvements in Gaming/Betting, Account creation, E-commerce, and other major platforms too. Download it now and try it for yourself!


How can I install the Beta version?

Simply download the zip file from this link and unzip it to a convenient folder. No installer is needed. You can “install” it parallel to the production Kameleo. Just make sure to unzip it to a different folder.

If you are an automation user please note that this new version of Kameleo.CLI.exe is exposed on port 5051 instead of 5050. More info on how to change it is in our article.

Can I use the regular and Beta version simultaneously?

Yes, you can! You can switch between the beta and the production version at any time with one active subscription. If you wish to be logged in to both versions simultaneously from the same machine, you will need two licenses.

If you are an automation user please note that this new version of Kameleo.CLI.exe is exposed on port 5051 instead of 5050. More info on how to change it is in our article.

Do I need a subscription for testing?

Yes, you need an active subscription for testing. If you don’t have an account, you can get one here:

If you just want to test it, you may apply for a trial via our support.

Are there any limitations?

This new spoofing engine works with the Chromium launcher (browser engine). This means you will have the best experience with Chrome or Edge profiles. You can still launch Firefox and Safari profiles as before and they will still work the same as in the 2.11.X. versions.

Firefox profiles are currently in development and they can work with our new spoofing engine in the near future.

If it’s so good, why is it a Beta?

Great question! There are some limitations before we can make this a full-on production version, but we wanted to get it out in the wild as soon as possible.

First of all, there are some limitations to its functionality. Some settings will be overridden with the following defaults: Canvas – OFF, WebGL – OFF, Audio – OFF, Fonts – OFF, Plugins – OFF, and the Launcher for Chrome, and Edge profiles will be Chromium by default. If you use the graphical user interface, it will mention these limitations too. Don’t worry, this new version still performs much better against different bot detection systems.

Additionally, this version will only work until the 31st of August and you need an active Kameleo subscription for it. By that time we will have an even better, fully functioning new version.

Can I load my previously created profiles with the Beta?

Yes, the new version is fully backward compatible with v2 profiles and vice versa. This means you may import existing Kameleo profiles to the Beta and use them without a hiccup.

If you decide to switch back to the production version, you may use your new Beta profiles with the older Kameleo version too.

Amazing! How do I give you guys feedback?

It’s super easy and we’d be super grateful for it! Just visit this FORM  and fill it out in 10 minutes.