🚀 Effortless Profile Creation Create new profiles in just 2 clicks - faster than ever before! 🔍 Enhanced Navigation Explore a cleaner interface with easy-to-navigate tabs, streamlining the way manage your settings. 📋 Immediate Configuration Overview See and manage profile settings instantly with our new

This minor version includes a new version of Chroma (124) and bugfixes specifically aimed at users who utilize automation features: 🧑‍💻Resolved issues with Selenium unexpectedly stopping on certain websites. Standardized the behaviour of the pageLoadStrategy parameter. 🕵️Enhanced spoofing to appear

🌐 Fresh Browser Engines Chroma and Junglefox are updated to the latest versions. 💻 Device Memory Customization Add your device memory info on both Junglefox and Chroma for tailored browser profiles. 🧘 Performance and stability increase for Automation users Chroma profiles now run more stable

🚀 Meet Chroma, the next-generation Chromium-based Browser We have exciting news for you! We've developed a brand-new Chromium browser, and it’s called Chroma! It displays more natural behavior and superiorly spoofs bot detection systems like Cloudflare. This enhancement means fewer account