Kameleo v1.5 coming

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Kameleo v1.5 coming

Kameleo v1.5 – Brand new spoofing mechanism

We would like to apologize to our community for not contacting you for a longer period. We were just answering support tickets and developing Kameleo. We were building a pretty new spoofing mechanism of Kameleo. So we would like to announce that a new version of Kameleo will be released in the end of February.

New spoofing mechanism

We faced a plenty of issues where Kameleo couldn’t browse you thru specific websites. Most of these problems couldn’t be solved from one moment to the other so we decided to create a new spoofing mechanism that will solve all the known problems. This not only results a software with more capabilities but also a faster browsing experience.

The new spoofing mechanism also updates the solution for a couple of browser fingerprinting techniques. So Rects and WebGL will be reviewed.

New Base Profiles

With the new spoofing engine a plenty of new Base Profiles are coming. We developed a solution where the profiles will be updated every day. This way you will always find brand new profiles with fresh browser versions.

Also we got requests on base profiles with specific languages. We will provide all of them to you.


We still need a couple of weeks to develop the features and then to test them but we try to release it in February.

Future plans

We will still focus on providing a great service to all of our customers. We will improve the quality of our tutorials and knowledgebase. We will provide an even better support service. Fix bugs that are found by our customers. And we have more ideas that are coming:

  • Mobile version
  • Browser Automation

Keep updated on our knowledgebase and youtube channel as well, since we will upload new articles and videos there.