Kameleo v1.5.4 released

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Kameleo v1.5.4 released

Just another quick fix update package for Kameleo, solving a couple of problems that may occurred during browsing with anonymity.

All these were tested in our BETA program, and the feedback was very positive.


  • Even faster profile saving: We created a solution in the last release how profiles can be saved faster. Now we improved it again for an even better performance.
  • Bugfixes: A couple of bugs were fixed that made operations difficult
  • Proxy connection fix: Kameleo spoofing engine is running simultaneously with any issues.

How to update

When you start Kameleo it will offer to update your software. Download and install it and you can enjoy the new features of Kameleo. If it doesn’t start to download try to update manually, by launching updater.exe from the program folder.

Future plans

We are still working on making Kameleo better. Here are a couple of the features we are implementing.

  • Auto Timezone spoofing
  • Virtual Mobile Profiles

Keep updated on our knowledgebase and youtube channel as well, since we will upload new articles and videos there.