Kameleo v1.3 released

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Kameleo v1.3 released

Kameleo v1.3 – Brand new features

We enjoy to read your support tickets and read about the needs of our community. This new version of Kameleo was dreamed by Kameleo users, the anonymiy fanatics.


We tried to fix as many bugs as possible and created 3 radical changes in the application. We still we have a bunch of plans that need to be implemented so keep updated, other releases will come soon.



When you start Kameleo it will offer to update your software. Download and install it and you can enjoy the new features of Kameleo. If it doesn’t start to download try to update manually, by launching updater.exe from the program folder.



  • Built in proxy manager: No need to use Proxifier any more. Just select the proxy type (Socks5, Socks4a, Http, Ssh) and connect thru it.
  • Multiple profiles at same time: The community ask for it, we implemented it. With this new version you can use multiple profiles at the same time. Even with different proxies.
  • No DNS leak: You can explicitly tell Kameleo how to resolve domain names. Add a DNS server of let your proxy do the work to prevent DNS leak.
  • Self Diagnostics: A Self Diagnostics is included in the profile menu so you can check if everything is fine before you launch the browser.


Major bugfixes

  • No OAuth 2.0 authentcation error on Google
  • Fixing issues on Youtube


Future plans

  • New Base Profiles with languages you requested
  • Enhanced browser fingerprinting
  • Fixing specific errors you reported


Errors that can still happen

  • No chrome binary error: The antivirus software can still delete the chrome binaries. We haven’t fixed it totally. Read more in our article.
  • Protonmail login (it will be the next fix)


Keep updated on our knowledgebase and youtube channel as well, since we will upload new articles and videos there.